[Lockip but the other way around] mapping a username to an ip

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    I would want a plugin that allows only 1 account per ip as opposed to lockip where u map an ip to a username.

    I understand that this will not allow people in the same house to play together but i would like this.

    Reason: Off line server. Ban a guy he logs in with a different username with his crack client. ban that ip he restarts his modem or logs in from somewhere else. griefing continues... :(... Nothing i can do

    What it comes down to: So what i want again is to allow only 1 username to be mapped to an ip address so tat someone cant just make a new name and rejoin.

    heres lockip to see what i meant: http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/admn-sec-lockip-v0-4-limit-players-to-one-ip-1058.21759/
  2. I can sure create this, but I am away for a week now. And I don't think there is any way that you can prevent him from loggin into the server if his ip changes every time.
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    LockIP lready had a feature like that
  4. you mean the feature where it only checks for the first few numbers?
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    theres a easier solution, Enable Online Mode :3
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    yes but it let them join then instant kicked i dont want their to be a join event at all


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    Just realise No one Bukkit staff or plugin Dev will support offline-mode servers as they with how Stable minecraft.net is now. is that these servers are for people who pirate Minecraft,
  8. I will start on this on monday. I first have to update IpLock.
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    ok. and ur plugin IPLock was not what i had in mind
  10. I know, I will recreate lock ip
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    What about if someone moves house...?
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    lockip or what i asked?

    what do u mean by that Mr. anonymous

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    I am sorry to say but for a complete solution to your problem is not possible. If they have hundreds of alts(like me) they will simply reset their modem and rejoin on an alt, however this could work if you use a whitelist. Other than that it's not possible as IP ranges change all the time, I was at earlier and now I am at Also some IP ranges are not geological, some IP ranges go by the ISP and the ISP usually swaps ip ranges to other states. For example I had a guy connecting from kentucky and I was in michigan we both had the IP range of

    Sources: IT
  14. what you asked
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    What if i went on your server today, then moved across the country, and tried to get back on. Wouldnt my IP change, thus not allowing me back on? unless I'm mistaken... :p
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    no only if ur username changes :>
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    Buckethead Just use IPCompare.

    EDIT: Balls, didn't notice dates on posts - thought it said 2013 and it had been linked to in a recent thread >.<

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