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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by yupie_123, May 24, 2014.

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    So what I was trying to do is if a player is on a horse, get that horse and change the horse's metadata to the players' name. Then whenever someone tries to get on the horse, I check if the meta data is theirs, if it isn't theirs they get kicked off. But I am having trouble with setting metadata and getting the value.

    1. Horse horse = (Horse)p.getVehicle();
    3. horse.setMetadata("Locked", new FixedMetadataValue(plugin, p.getName()));

    This is my code for "Locking" a horse. I'm not very sure about how MetaData works so I might be doing something completely wrong.

    But when I try to get the meta data it returns a list of meta data. I'm not sure how I would get the value: p.getName() so I can check if the players' name equals the horses' meta data value.

    Any help would be appreciated :)
  2. yupie_123
    How about giving the horse a custom name instead of metadata? I've never actually messed with metadata either so I can't help you on that, but I've used custom names on entities before on a spawnandfollow plugin.


    Something like
    1. @EventHandler
    2. public void onEnter(VehicleEnterEvent event){
    4. if (event.getVehicle() instanceof Horse){
    5. if (event.getEntered() instanceof Player){
    7. Horse horse = (Horse)event.getVehicle();
    8. Player player = (Player)event.getEntered();
    9. horse.setCustomName(player.getName()+"'s horse");
    10. }
    11. }
    12. }

    Then you can setup a HashMap<String, String> and store player names with horse names (if you want the player to only have 1 horse) or setup a HashMap<String, List<String>> (if you want each player to have multiple horses). That's up to you really.
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    RAFA_GATO_FOFO Ok I'll try that, it's the .setCustomName method right? And to get it the getCustomName method.
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    Well I believe you have to cast it to a living entity... So if horse instanceof livingentity, liv.setDISPLAYname(string's horse);
    I'm up to such a plugin :p
  5. mine-care
    If it's a Horse, it's obviously already a living entity, so that's kinda useless.
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  7. fireblast709
    He can disable using nametags on Horses. But reading about Metadata will surely be helpful.
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    Horse implements Tameable. It has "setOwner" and "getOwner" methods built in.
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    Garris0n Yes, thank you, this is much easier, but I'll definately look at MetData aswell, as I think I might need it in the future!
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    Note that MetaData is not persistent between server reloads/restarts.
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    Save it in a config.
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