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    Bukkit currently does not have lock pick plugin that works efficiently for lockette the best is probably "Allow lockpicking" which doesn't even break the signs.

    Lock picking is crucial to servers that are PvP Raid based but do not allow TNT since when a factions land is over claimed the private signs are still there and the raiding faction can't loot.

    Turning off lockette means all faction members can raid there own base (raid servers are a game of trickery and deception) so only allowing people you trust in to the faction is kind of hard since players need faction power to expand/build, so chest protection is required.

    A good suggestion and plugin would have the following features:

    • Configurable lockpick item (even spawn eggs) / Remove item after use Yes/No
    • Configurable fee per attempted pick or on fail (lock pick item or cost either can be put on)
    • Will not work in 'claimed' faction land and Safezone or Warzone.
    • Actually breaks the lockette sign.
    • Breaks all lockette signs on every item lockette supports.
    • Configurable "chance" or "success" or "fail" rate.
    • Cooldown period configurable between attempts.
    • Message on fail or success and on cooldown.

    I have a plugin with source code if anyone wants to modify it and release it, basically the only thing wrong with it is that it needs some very small API changes doing to it.

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