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    I was wondering if anyone could create either free or paid, a plugin that lock picks a lockette sign and breaks the sign?

    The item used to lock pick with would be configurable and a percentage to succeed or fail as an option.

    It must also not work on faction claimed land: dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/factions/ but only in the ~wilderness (unclaimed areas).

    I have a plugin that does most of this at present however the one thing it doesn't do is break the sign, could someone create a plugin that does as requested or alter my current one, so that it actually breaks the sign? My current one: dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/allow-lockpicking/


    I have tried looking for lock pick plugins, many do not work and are outdated. And getting any help even paid from the plugin devs fails.
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    I love this idea
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    Nobody can do this?

    It seems this is impossible to get done :confused:

    If anyone can do this then I wub you <3
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    I have not tried this myself, but someone posted a little script using variabletriggers to do that.
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    I tried that script but its not compatible with factions. Basically everyone can pick everyone and I want in faction chests to be safe, which is the reason why I have lockette in the first place.

    Maybe someone could edit that code, so that it locking picking doesn't work on faction claimed land though :/
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    I've done a bit of pick pocketing before on a prison server. What specifically would you want done?

    Keep in mind the plugin you posted is not open-source, so what do you want exactly? Would you want an entire thieving plugin recoded or just pick pocketing which simply breaks the sign on a chest?

    A lot of the work I do is privatized but if you want to see what I have done in relation to pick pocketing, pick locking etc, go on prison.hcraid.com it has a lot of what I just mentioned on it under a custom class called Thief.
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    Well what I want ideally is this:

    1) Lock pick item = Configurable (whatever I want to choose as the lock pick item say a 'pick', 'Iron ingot' or even a 'spawn egg') - That anyone can use to pick signs.

    2) On success it says "Lock pick - Success" and on fail "Lock pick - Fail"

    3) Once a chest/sign has been picked the lockette sign is forever destroyed.

    4) On claimed faction land picking locks would be disabled.

    If it's easier to have a configured "fee" for a lock pick via Essentials eco instead of a "lock pick item" as above - that would be fine.

    Extra features would be a permission for immunity (not really needed but would be nice)

    The best example of what I want is: dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/allow-lockpicking/ but with the lockette sign being destroyed.
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    Seems straight forward, so to finalize. You want a configurable item called 'Pick' (The actually display name would be Pick?), which in turn is used to Right-click/Left-click a LWC sign (Or chest?) which will randomly succeed or fail (Configurable random chance) which will in turn if succeeding break the sign, and if not output 'Lock pick - Fail'.

    On faction lands it would not work at all if a player didn't have 'permission.example' and an Immunity permission 'permission.2.example'?

    Now the last detail I need is important. If you want it to use Essentials economy do you want it using Vault or just plain essentials? If the latter you won't be able to use ANY other economy than essentials.

    EDIT: What do you mean by "If it's easier to have a configured "fee" for a lock pick via Essentials eco instead of a "lock pick item" as above - that would be fine." I'm confused on what is being replaced by the economy idea?

    One last thing before I do forget actually do you have a requested name for this plugin on the command /pl ?
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    Well the item that is used to pick locks, I just referred to as a pick. So the name isn't important if it's set to block x, y or z then I guess the name would be the name of the item block.

    So the item used as a pick could be set to any block ID, like say for instance 383:57 in this instance the item would be called "Spawn" or "Spawn egg" I forget.

    Or if it was block id 42 it would be an Iron block.

    Lockette sign and Right click.


    There would be no need for a permission, I don't think, as I want this as the default.

    It should probably have a message when a pick is tried in faction land, something like "You can only lock pick in the ~Wilderness"


    Well I use Essentials and I think I always will but now that you mention it Vault maybe a better choice.

    I meant to pick a lock it could be a configurable item (any block id) but if it's easier to code so that it charges a fee instead of using a block ID then that would be fine.

    Lock Pick? IDC really anything like "Lock pick".

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    Finished coding it, I'll be ready to test it later today after College.
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    Wow you are so fast :)
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    I'm at College currently but just to recap from what I wrote up.

    It has (If I remember, haven't got it at hand) 3 permission nodes (One for immunity), one to pickpocket on faction lands I'll explain a little better in a moment. There are 4 command all starting with /pp, you can reload and set basic configuration details.

    You can fiddle about with the config which has the following...

    Faction, Enable/Disable PickLocking in faction land (Permissions will bypass this, you'll want it disabled by default)​
    Economy, Enable/Disable feature (Disable every fail attempt taking money)​
    Amount To Take on fail (Only works with the above enabled)​
    Destroy Item After Use (Disabled by default)​
    Pick Lock Item (default 265, just change it to an item value)​

    I can't remember all the details and it's probably not very well explained I'll write some documentation when I upload it after I test it today.
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    Sounds great!

    Only two things that would make it perfect IMO:

    That being a fee is paid even on Success (maybe have an option to have it charge "on fail" or "both".

    And can the command /pp be instead /lockpick ? since not many people are even aware there is a lockpick plugin and I want to make it obvious as possible.

    I'm totally happy with what you have (if those things cannot be done), since it would be the only truly functioning lockpick plugin that meets my requirements.
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    That's fine I'll see what I can do should be easy now to implement.

    Alright I'm finished, if there is any issues just message me here or on the forums.

    Command is /picklock, the permissions are...

    To actually pick a 'sign' you must left-click (This is to avoid the text that pops-up when right-clicking)

    Download it from here, also it's worth noting the configuration file has these features.

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    just a reccomendation maybe have the lock pick be a craftable item which gives a stick thats affected by ItemMeta (I forgot about custom recipes but... ya) in which is the lock pick instead of just anything
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    Why thank you, I will test this out soon (just woke up).

    Maybe I'm just being dumb or missing something really obvious.

    I can pick locks and that is working great, but I can't seem to get the formula right were all chests in faction claimed land are safe from lock picking, but lock picking in the wilderness is permitted?

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    Have you got it disabled in the configuration file? I did test it quite a lot since it was interesting working with the faction API for the first time.
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    Ah I edited it without closing the server, so the setting was reverted (duh!)

    Is there anyway immunity could be granted everywhere to a group with a permission whether the sign be in faction land or not? so admins/mods cannot be pick locked anywhere.

    Would it be possible to use item: 383:1 as the pick item? ATM is resets this to "22981".

    Would it be possible to extend this to all lockette signs on doors etc?

    And I will say your pick lock works great, I tested it out quite a bit even though I am still sleepy after waking up lol

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