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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by zLukitas, Jul 14, 2019.

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    It was a good idea to do a Simple Global/Local chat with Simple commands.

    Like, when you send a message, automatically she goes to the local chat, and to talk in the global chat, use the /g command.

    Command Ideas

    /l (Local)
    /g (Global)

    I'm sorry for any grammatical error, I'm Brazilian and I'm still practicing English

    Version: 1.14+
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    @zLukitas What's the difference between the local and global chat?
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    Global= ALL the World
    Local= Like, players who are around, 100 blocks or something

    And put the local chat as the default.

    In case someone wants to finish a line of reasoning without having to type / g before the messages all the time, just type / g once your chat is in / g for everyone to read. Then put it on / l again the same way, for people close, just, read
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    I've done this. Let me know if there's any problems with formatting as I'm not sure what plugin you are using for chat format (if any).

    Here is the link

    A player can use the commands /g, /global to turn to global chat, and /l, /local to turn to local chat.

    If a player types a message and they want it in a different chat, they can add /g or /l anywhere, except the start of their message to change the chat they are sending it to.

    I also added an administrative spy in the console so that administrators and owners can view both chats at the same time.
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    thank u

    omg thank u too

    Dude, your plugin did not work :/ my friend who was in front of me could not read my message in the local chat

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    Were you in the same channel? (both in local, or both in global) If not, that's why. I just tested it myself and it worked for me. (if i were in the same channel)
    Let me know if you want something changed.
    I've updated the plugin (changed something in the config.yml file), you can download the new version here.
    EDIT: I decided to send the messages to everyone, no matter their channel. (of course local still has a range) You can download the new version at the same link, let me know if you want it changed back or something else added/removed/changed.
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    Can you put the global for everyone (regardless of whether they are Local) to read?

    Already grateful.
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    @zLukitas Read my edit; i already made it so it sends the message to everyone, no matter their channel. (The download link is the same as before)
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