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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Ellis300, Jan 1, 2015.

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    Plugin category: minigames

    Suggested name: You Choose

    What I want: The plugin is supposed to be normal team deathmatch plugin, but users could choose what they want to have. They can customize their loadouts. You can change the loadout in lobby with a command what will open chest gui with a shop and a loadout. in loadout there is your Primary Weapon and Secondary Weapon. you can change your gun out when you perchace a new gun with in game money.
    So The idea is: Players can customize their own loadout by choosing 2 ( 1 item per row ) weapons from loadout gui.
    And the minigame won't reset their inventory upon join, so the loadout can be used in minigame.

    Ideas for commands: /loadout for users to change their loadouts.

    If there is any plugin like this please tell me Thanks.
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    Any help??

    you can tell me if there is one
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    @Ellis300 It's not the standard model, but about eighty or so kitpvp plugins will do what you're asking.
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