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    I am making a gun server and I need a good loadout plugin that will allow players to choose their loadout in the waiting lobby before the match starts. I already have a DM plugin: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/minigames/ and I will need it to work with it. Basically, players should be able to select a primary and a secondary gun by clicking on signs for the specific weapon. I do have a gun plugin called CrackShot to supply the guns. How should it work? I should be able to create a loadout using something like "/loadout create AK-47 ME". Executing this command with a AK-47 CrackShot item in my inventory should create a loadout. I then place a sign that says something like "Loadout AK-47". When a player clicks the sign, the plugin would recognise the AK-47 loadout I created and include the loadout in the upcoming deathmatch.

    If you have any questions on how this plugin should work or something is unclear to you, please say so in the comments! :)

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    Use a kit plugin, then either a command sign plugin, or a menugui plugin!
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