Live Permissions Configuration Through Inheritance Setting Using McMMO Skill Levels

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    A couple of days ago, I thought of a plugin I could use on my server. I decided to look for it, and after no success, I thought I would post a request.

    This plugin would use the McMMO skill level of each skill (woodcutting, mining, excavation, etc...) to automatically level-up users at designated levels. The plugin would have a command to bring Guest or Unregistered users to a permission group where they could build. After that point, the plugin would automatically advance the user to the next permission group, by using set levels within this plugin. The group names would need to be the same as the permissions groups, because this plugin would change each player's permission level within permissions. of each permission group. Once the user had reached the highest permission group (the one that no other group inherits permissions from) the plugin would leave that user's permission group alone. This would eliminate the need for server admins to be constantly be bugged by promoting users to a higher permission group.

    The command for bringing someone above guest status would be something like:
    /register <username>

    Some extra features that I think could prove useful would be:

    -Commands for manually promoting (or demoting) players for example:
    /promote <username> (to raise the permission group of a player)
    /demote <username> (to lower the permission group of a player)

    -Having permissions nodes for the commands to disable the commands for most users

    -Being able to set the skill level required for each skill (woodcutting, mining, excavation,etc...) to level-up.
    -Allowing for different requirements for different permission levels. (allowing you to make the first level-up easy, then making the following level-ups take more and more difficult)

    -Full customization in command choice, for example: /<what permission group is called>, and
    /de<what permission group is called>

    -A Customizable message telling the user they have been promoted, and what is needed to be promoted again.
    -A command to give the user the skill level required to be promoted

    I would like the Configuration file to read something like this:

    Number of permission groups:
    Name of default permission group:
    Name of final permission group:

    #The following section would be copied for as many permission groups you need#

    Name of group:
    Next group:
    Taming :
    Mining :
    Woodcutting :
    Repair :
    Unarmed :
    Archery :
    Herbalism :
    Excavation :
    Swords :
    Acrobatics :
    Axes :

    When filled out it would look something like this:

    Number of permission groups :5
    Name of default permission group: Guest
    Name of final permission group: Engineer

    Name of group: Gatherer
    Next group: Miner
    Taming : 0
    Mining : 0
    Woodcutting : 5
    Repair : 1
    Unarmed : 0
    Archery : 0
    Herbalism : 5
    Excavation : 5
    Swords : 3
    Acrobatics : 5
    Axes : 1

    Name of group: Miner

    Next group: Builder

    Taming : 0
    Mining : 30
    Woodcutting : 10
    Repair : 5
    Unarmed : 3
    Archery : 0
    Herbalism : 0
    Excavation : 4
    Swords : 4
    Acrobatics : 10
    Axes : 1

    Name of group: Builder

    Next group: Engineer

    Taming : 10
    Mining : 10
    Woodcutting : 30
    Repair : 20
    Unarmed : 20
    Archery : 10
    Herbalism : 10
    Excavation : 10
    Swords : 10
    Acrobatics : 20
    Axes : 10

    Please note that the numbers after each skill name represent the number of level-ups for each skill (woodcutting, mining, excavation, etc...) required to pass onto the next level, not the total amount required to continue on.

    Assuming the above is true, in order for a user to advance to the highest permission group, they would need to have the following stats: (Assuming an Admin didn't send the user back any levels)

    Taming : 10
    Mining : 40
    Woodcutting : 45

    Repair : 26
    Unarmed : 23
    Archery : 10
    Herbalism : 15
    Excavation : 19
    Swords : 17
    Acrobatics : 35
    Axes : 12

    Of course this would be completely customizable.

    If you have any questions, please post a reply to this message and I will be happy to answer them.
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    That would be an awesome plugin!
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    This is the kind of ranking system I've been looking for. However I'd like this to have subranks. Like 5 ranks of a farmer (5 permission nodes). I've a rp pvp server with over 20 different classes and everyone's begging for ranks.
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    Couldn't you just make 5 different permission groups each with a different (but similar) prefix?(assuming you're using iChat)
    That way you could just make the groups not need very many McMMO level-ups to go between the different farmer groups, effectively making your sub-ranks
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    I have 22 classes with 5 ranks. 22x5=ohshii...
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    Does anyone know how hard this would be to make?
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    I need a plugin that can automatically level up a player that is already in a certain permissionsbukkit group through a certain skill like sword use or PVP. So a 'Citizen' could become a 'Knight' for example.


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