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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Alex5657, Jun 15, 2013.

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    That's how my Statistics does it as well, and it works just fine.
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    This should be possible with a bit of Reflection hackery. Evil Reflection hackery. To be specific, overriding Bukkit's final PluginManager variable with a custom subclass of SimplePluginManager. Then overriding the callEvent method.
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    Sagacious_Zed Bukkit Docs

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    I am a developer for The official skyblock server. Noobcrew is very picky about his developers and I am currently one of the 2. And you are telling me that this:
    Is not hate?

    I do not want to talk to you anymore. You seem either immature or just someone who's life is so miserable that he just wants to tell everybody how terrible they are. Good bye. Have a nice life.
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    You're free to have whatever opinion of me you choose. I'm quite happy with my life, thanks. I don't consider any of the things you've bolded to be hate.. the first is simply my opinion of people who keep their ideas a secret, and being a complete noob isn't an insult, nor is it hate. I have no problem with complete noobs.

    the rest are equally valid opinions that I currently hold of your plugin and the idea you've described here. I've done nothing but try to guide you in the right direction, because if you spend a little time on these forums you'll see that there are hundreds of posts every day by people who think they know what they're doing and clearly don't. You might be different, but I can't take you at your word for it.
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    Alright, here is my solution:

    Use AspectJ

    to grab the argument passed into the method of callEvent(). And thats it! That simple! :)

    Hope that helped the other "crazy" people requiring this in their plugins :)

    I know you cant take my word for it. Nor will I try to prove to you that I am not a noob, that is just unnecessary. Lets leave it there, shall we? ;)

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    Sure, let me just go back to my miserable existence telling everyone they're terrible...
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    Please dont make a big deal about it. I overreacted. It happens you know. Sorry, mate.
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    I still don't get why you need to call all events unless your doing something with all the handlers (which I don't get why you would ever need to do that) or getting all the names (I guess if you are logging EVERY SINGLE EVENT) or checking if they are asynchous (I could see why you might want this but you don't need to call all events to do this). Doing a section of code on every event would cause SO much lag considering an entity spawns about once every few ticks, a player moves many times a second, and many other things like players clicking their inventory, entities moving, entities targeting a player, etc...

    Theres pretty much no way that you would need to check on all of these events with the few things you can get from the Event superclass. If there is a reason, I (and most of the other people who replied to this post) would love to know why and then people would probably love to help you (I know you already found a solution).
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    Right, I am going to trust you are correct when you said this was the only way to do it, but even so, it will cause a lot of lag. Actually, in the past, I tried doing something similar to what you are doing now. I spent days after days trying to get it to work, when I suddenly realized that there was actually a better way to do it that I had NEVER even thought of before. If you are willing to privately release your idea to me, or maybe an official plugin dev that is willing to help, maybe a better solution can be thought out. Otherwise, good luck, and please PM me when the server is out! I am realllllyy curious haha.
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    Guys, guys, guys. This is obviously solved, the OP found the answer to his question. If he wants to listen to every single event for some reason, let him.
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    metalhedd I was simply saying that I met him while I was a moderator for a server he was developer on. As I know him, I thought adding my opinion in saying that he DOES need to call every event might help. As bitWolfy said, let's end this, and no hard feelings :)
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    Hoolean Retired Staff

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    Dis thread...
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