Question Link Economy to Scoreboard?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Rhforever, Jun 11, 2015.

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    Hi, I just downloaded the CraftConomy 3 Plugin for my Bukkit server,

    now the only problem i need solved to complete my whole server is to link the currency to the SideBar display, but to do this, i need to link the Currency with a Scoreboard. But, i am clueless on how to do this. I've found no plug-in that supports this that modifies the sidebar display.

    Can anyone please help me?

    I just want the Sidebar to display the amount of currency a player has.
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  3. Essentials is unnecessary for this function to work. All the OP will need is Vault and a Vault compatible economy plugin - including but not limited to Essentials.
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    I know, it includes many different types of economy plugins, I was just saying if you have essentials installed you don't need a separate economy plugin unless you wanted too.
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    i can't use Essientials (or any part of essientials) as I am running a 1.8 Bukkit server. So how do I go about doing this? I do have the vault plugin but i am unable to obtain or use Essentials as it is not compatible with 1.8.
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    Spigot updated Essentials to work with 1.8, you can download it here:

    Or you can use any other economy plugin that supports vault.
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