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    Hello im looking for a simple plugin that limits the number of blocks that can be placed and broke by each player daily. So for example, if the default limit of blocks placed is 50 and limit of break is 40, and when a player breaks 40 blocks he cannot break anymore blocks until after a certain amount of time (one day maybe). Same goes with placed blocks. And for each different permission group different amount of break/place limit and one ignore permission for unlimited breaks and placement of blocks.

    I'd like this plugin for my adventure world since i dont want default new players to break and grief everything and have higher ranked people trusted to break and place more blocks.

    If anyone could make this plugin or find one it would be great :D
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    Would this be one in game day, or one real day? This is like one of the most simple plugins I have come across on these forums :p.

    oOAllstarOo Also, list the permissions and the amount they can break/place please.

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    breaklimit.default - 30 blocks (break and block same limit)
    breaklimit.rank1 - 50 blocks
    breaklimit.rank2 - 100 blocks
    breaklimit.rank3 - 200 blocks
    breaklimit.rank4 - 300 blocks

    time to reset block limit: 12 hours

    is it possible to have a config file where i can edit the amount of blocks for each perm? that would be fantastic
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    thanks so much!
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    oOAllstarOo I will not be able to finish this today, because personal things have come up and I will not have access to the computer for most of the day.
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    its fine no need to rush anything

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