Limit how long a player can be in a world

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  1. Plugin category: Admin, Worlds

    Suggested name: WorldTimer

    What I want: I have been recently been needing a plugin to limit how long my players can be in one world.

    For example, I have a resource world on my server and I want to allow players to be able to be in it for 15 minutes. Once that time is up they are kicked to spawn and will not be allowed in for another 24 hours(or whatever it is set to in the config).

    If a player did not use up the 15 minutes, it will still be reset to 15 minutes.

    I would also like the plugin to be able to stop the time when the player logs off or goes out of that world. For example, say I mine in that world for 10 minutes then go back to my base in another world. Then when I need to go back to that world I can go back for 5 more minutes. Same with if I logged off.

    Ideas for commands: No commands needed for this plugin.

    Ideas for permissions:
    worldtimer.bypass - Allows a player to stay in the world forever

    useworldtimer: true
    - resource
    #m for minute, s for second, h for hours
    timer: 15m
    #If the player has not used up there 15 minutes, do you want to add to that time?
    addtotimer: false
    cooldown: 24h

    When I'd like it by: Saturday, May 18th

    Thanks in advanced if any decides to help me out!

    Its been almost 16 hours, Bump.

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    Minimum time is 24 hours
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    This IS possible.... Could you make it yourself?
    This could also possibly be easier with commands.
  4. Sorry bout' that.
    I don't have a good experience with Java. I am currently in school getting ready for exams.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    If he could make this himself why would he ask for it?
  6. Bump(2 days)
    I need this plugin.
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    Ill look into it
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    This seems really easy actually.

    If you don't want to do it, tag me and I'll do it.
  9. Thanks guys.
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    Ive done most of it already, thanks for offering though. However I haven't quite finished and if you send me your github username I can add you to the project. (im also leaving for a couple hours in a minute so hurry if you want me too)
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    Oh, well, I've already made it since it was something I could implement in my server.
    I won't post it on this thread since it was your project first.
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    Well, take a look at what I have when ive posted it and see if there is any way you can make it better, odds are yours is better anyway. Do you have it on github?
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    Yes, I just put it on Github.
    You most likely took a way different route than me. ;P
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    Wow, no kidding! Mine:
    Same conecpts, but rather different programming styles.

    Just post yours here, its got more features and I don't have time for maintaining another plugin anyway.

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