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    With the introduction of lightning to the game, I had an interesting idea. How about a plugin that creates lightning turrets that attacks hostile mobs such as Zombies, Spiders, Skeletons, and Creepers?

    The easy part would be the design: a three block high tower. Gold block on the bottom, Gold block in the middle, and Diamond block on top. This makes it difficult to obtain the materials, but hardly impossible. Of course, it is only natural that the tower should be configurable on a per-server basis.

    The next part (possibly hard) would be the lightning. It would originate from the Diamond block and strike any hostile mob within a 5 block radius repeatedly at a rate of 2 strikes per second until the targeted mob is dead.

    Optionally, a chest could be placed directly next to the tower to hold a power source which is consumed per strike (redstone, glowstone, etc).


    On a side note, I'm desperately looking for a simple plugin that adjusts global spawn rates on a server. I need it to increase worldwide spawn rates. =)
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    tha d0ctor

    check out the tesla coil plugin, does this with powered ironblock towers, he even is adding stuff to work with humans and regular creatures too
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    Definitely a nice plugin, but is there a way to have the lightning originate from the tower itself? It seems all Tesla Coils does is summon lightning from the sky. Plus, it doesn't seem like the towers are configurable and such (the structure itself of course). For the moment though, it works, and its the only plugin that does this it seems, lol.

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