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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by rafef2003, Jun 21, 2020.

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    The plugin should be named Lightning Summon to keep it simple, there was a plugin out like this before but the download link doesn't work anymore and it's outdated.

    What should it do? If you know what Tpa is, I want something similar to that except its only for staff, and how its supposed to be used is like this. A staff member will summon another staff member by requesting them to teleport to them when the other user accepts the teleport request they will teleport to the user's location(If possible 5 blocks away) when they teleport to them A bunch of lightning comes down and surrounds the player when they get teleported, which makes it look like they were summoned kind of way and gives it a cinematic feeling.

    The version for this will be 1.12.2 and I should also mention I'm using a Magma.jar (Which is basically spigot/bukkit API and forge in one jar) so I don't know if that will affect how you make this plugin)
    Link here if you want their Github: But usually regular plugins work just fine.

    As for the commands if they are just similar to how TPA's commands work that should be good.

    When it comes to permissions only staff will be using this plugin so maybe something like Lightning.Teleport (Im sorry I don't know much when it comes to permission names

    I don't have a deadline for this plugin so please take your time on it.

    I do appreciate the help have a good day!
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    This is the plugin

    Permission for all commands: lightning.teleport

    /ltpa <user>
    /ltpa accept
    /ltpa deny
    /ltpa reload

    The lightning does not deal damage

    So once you will accept the tpa request the lightning will strike at the location that the player will be teleported and at the same time at the location of the player. After a short delay the lightning will strike again at the location the player will be teleported alongside with the player.

    You can configure every message, the distance between the player and the target when he will be teleported, how many lightning will strike in one place and also the delay between the lightnings and the teleport.
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    Pretty much done, let me know if there's anything that needs tweaking / fixing

    Here's a rough rundown:
    "lightning.teleport" - Needed to send teleport requests

    /lsa <player> : Teleports you to the player
    /lsahere <player> : Teleports the player to you
    /lsaccept : Accept any pending teleport request
    /lsdeny : Decline any pending teleport request

    Once a teleport request is sent it will expire within 10 seconds
    Upon teleporting there will be 5 cosmetic lightning strikes (no fire or damage) summoned, each at a random block within a 10 block radius.

    I did not able implement the teleporting 5 blocks away part


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