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    What I want:

    Ok so like I thought this would be a really cool idea and other servers need this.

    The idea behind this is that all the rules, news, and information about plugins are all in one place.

    When a player types /library a GUI will appear

    In this GUI will be a list of books that a player can access by clicking on each one.

    When they click the book will open without giving them the book and will have whatever information the admin put in there.


    /library (opens the GUI)

    /library add [name] (!!NOTE: The books lore and name will remain the exact same in the GUI along with the information inside the book and will open in the GUI)

    /library delete [name]



    (using the command /library will be for defaults)

    I'd like the GUI set up EXACTLY like the picture.

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    Doe you mean with /library add [name] the name of the book of?
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    @Skynios yes.

    the book you are holding will be the book. /library add &c&lRules
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    Here u go: Download!

    Is this what you wanted or?
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    Thank you I will test it out and report any bugs.
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    I love it so far.

    Can you make it so the name of the book can have colors?



    where _ is a space??
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    i'm right now a bit busy but i will try to make it work ; )
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    Here u go Download! You can now have the name of the books collors and space in it also the pages can have collor text in it ( ;

    Ps: dnd't test everyting so if there is a bugg post it and i wil fix it
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    Thx soo much
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