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    Plugin category: Fun/Mechanics

    Suggested name: Librarian

    What I want:
    I'm looking for someone to make a plugin that allows one to store a written book in a bookshelf(supposedly by right-clicking with a book in hand) and when activating it, it will drop one copy of said book.
    Allowing everyone who's activating the shelf to get their own copy.
    e.g. if you have a library everyone would be able to obtain and read different books that has been written and placed there.
    This could be all from histories to lore and fact on an RP-server.

    Ideas for commands:
    /librarian amout <nr> - Set how many time the same player can use a bookshelf (default is 0 - infinte).
    /librarian remove - While pointing at a bookshelf it will remove stored books.
    (for economy)
    /librarian sell <price> - makes the book sellable and sets a price for it.
    /librarian change <price> - changes the price of a book on sale (can only be used by the seller).
    /librarian buy - buys a book another player have set out for sale.

    Ideas for permissions: - true for storing books (default if no permission plugin).
    librarian.take - true for taking books (default if no permission plugin).
    (for economy)
    librarian.sell - true for setting a price and selling books via a bookshelf. - true for buying books from a bookshelf.

    When I'd like it by: Whenever

    Lets say that you're on a server with alot of interesting people and you want to write a book, now if you'd place the book in a certain spot, such as a chest or another plugin which allow you to store things in bookshelves, chances are that someone will run away with it sooner or later.
    So instead of opening up a bookshelf like a chest, this plugin would let you insert a book, and then whenever someone would activate the shelf, a copy of the book would be put in their inventory, leaving the one in the shelf intact in case anyone else would want to read it later aswell.

    Basically everyone could get the book without the risk of it getting lost.

    Screenshots (for a better understanding of the plugin).
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    Chest as a bookshelf basically? :)
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    Well more like if you store a book in a shelf, and then use it it will pop out the book for you, and every time you use it, you'll get another book. :)

    for example: I've written a book called "The Spider and I", and when I place it in a bookshelf, the shelf stores it, so that when other people use the shelf, it copies the book and pops it out.

    Short: You store a book in a shelf, and when someone right-clicks the shelf, they get a book

    A serie of pictures added for a better understanding of the plugin. (hopefully.)

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    I've been checking those mods out already.
    They aren't really what I'm looking for, what I mean is a bookshelf that would store the book you "use" on it(no interface), and whenever anyone is "using" the bookshelf they get a copy of it, possibly giving out many copies of the book; a new one every time you activate the shelf.
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    like a infinite retextured chest u can return stuff to?

    with out the chest interface?

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    This is a great idea. XD Maybe this can connect with an economy to make obtaining books from a bookshelf at a preset price.
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    No, not really, you should only be able to activate it with a first book, and from there on, it will hold that book, and that book only, and whenever someone uses the bookshelf, they get one copy of the book. :)

    Yes, that would indeed be a great option for the plugin!

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    Would the message be something like this if someone tried inserting a book into an occupied bookshelf?

    " [Librarian] This bookshelf is already occupied with <Book name> "
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    Oh yeah that seems appropriate :)

    What would happen if you'd click with a copy of the book that's already in there? Perhaps one could put back the books with the same title in the bookshelf again?

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    This would be possible, right?
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    I don't see anything you've mentioned that wouldn't be possible.
  13. Contributing an idea!
    How about an option that let's you right-click the bookshelf and instead of getting a book, it just reads you the book in chat? Would be really useful for tutorials, without filling up the inventory of everybody.
    Maybe you could place a sign on the bookshelf, and write the book title on it, which would then link it to that titled book(or a .txt file?). So those with signs would just read the book, and those without them would give you an actual book?
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    So more or less be an extended sign in chat form?
    Anyway you wont need to fill your inventory up if you put the books back after reading. :)

    And I believe there's plugins already that makes the bookshelf into a book - reads something out when you activate it. :)
  15. Oh are you sure there is already one? I couldn't find it yesterday.
    Could you link it to me here or in a PM, please?

    EDIT: Searched again... no recently updated plugins found. I'll try to make a request for it, so people can use librarian and the one I suggested, if they want more features :)
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    Sounds like a great idea! :) I don't use any of them myself so I wasn't sure they were updated or not, anyway good luck with your request. :)
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    it's called "Shelf It"

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