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Discussion in 'Resources' started by BurnBlader, Oct 13, 2013.

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  1. Hi, its BurnBlader. I've seen so many people how to spawn a NPC, so I decided to write a Library to spawn basic NPCs.

    To use it, just copy the Human class into your plugin, and you can use it.

    World world = player.getLocation();
    String name = "Bob";
    int id = new Random().nextInt(5000-1000)+1000;
    Location location = player.getLocation();
    int itemInHandId = player.getItemInHand().getTypeId();
    Human human = new Human(world, name, id, location, itemInHandId);
    That will spawn a player with the given parameters.

    If you have any questions or anything, please post them below!

    You can get the Human class here!

    Methods you can use:
    setItemInHand(int itemID);
    hideForPlayer(Player p);
    showForPlayer(Player p);
    addPotionColor(Color r);
    addPotionColor(int color);
    walk(double x, double y, double z);
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  2. BurnBlader Why are you sending the Packet29DestroyEntity when changing item in hand? Why not just use the Packet5EntityEquipment? I see you are using the destroy packet a lot while it can be done with another packet. And finally, you are sending the packet to all players. This will cause a npc in the nether and the end, first check if the player you send it too is in the same world. Other then that, good job!
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  3. CaptainBern I was having an issue with that packet, but I'll try it again once I get a chance. Thanks :D
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    Mind if I do my best at making this use reflection?
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  5. Ultimate_n00b Take a look at my animationlib, it will help you.
  6. BurnBlader I just saw your code again. Ofcourse the Packet5EntityEquipment won't work. You have to use NMS itemstacks, not bukkit itemstacks :p

    BurnBlader Oh and also, you're destroying and respawning the npc when setting it crouched, block animation etc... Why not just use the Packet40EntityMetadata?

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    I am new in handling with packets. Can anybody tell me what parameters are needed for the void walk()? I kow: 3 doubles, but what are they telling and what number need they?
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    Hey, X,Y,Z dosent work :(
  9. TimBone For the moment, walk() just makes them teleport, not walk. I'm working on getting them to move at the moment!
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    Okay, thanks a lot, that was what wondering me :)
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    Nice lib but whats about comment your code?
    Would be very helpful ;)
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    If this were a tutorial it would already have that, but since it's just a lib, it shouldn't have comments.
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  13. Added new methods.

    1. hideForPlayer(Player p);
    2. showForPlayer(Player p);
    3. addPotionColor(Color r);
    4. addPotionColor(int color);
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    How can I check if someone damaged the Human?
    if (instanceof Human) maybe? :confused:
  15. GaaTavares No, the server doesn't know about this npc. So nope, that won't work.
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    ahh ._.
  17. How would you change the skin to an actual player's skin?
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    Can you work on a health system? And so the actual entity can die?
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  20. I'll be updating this soon, and I'll make another version that allows the use of ProtocolLib for damaging, and possibly a health system.
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    Cool! I haven't done any plugin coding in a while, might get back into it and make a basic citizens alternative! :D
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    Eh. I'll look into it.
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    I've almost finished making this work with 1.7 although i am stuck on how to initialize the DataWatcher object now because they have changed it to require you to pass an Entity into its constructor.

    Does anyone know how i would go about doing this?

    Also, when i get it working i will post it here
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    Setting it to null should work fine, as you nor MC will ever use the actual DataWatcher.
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