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Discussion in 'Resources' started by Icyene, Sep 21, 2012.

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    Used this lib and the other one he said to use, both really don't work for me.

    It just lags out and disconnects me from the server when I try to send a email.
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    *Steels idea*
    *Makes Plugin*
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    DrJava Go for it :p I have a big-ass project on the go atm.
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    I was just kiding. Me too. :p
  5. i got an error
    INFO 530 5.7.0 Must issue a STARTTLS command first.
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    Gist is down.
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    I modified the gist of IvyBits, because I had lots of problems with it. The code can send Emails with all providers that supports SMTP with StartTLS. My version is available here. And here is a short code example how to use it:

    1. SMTP.sendEmail("smtp.gmx.de", //The address of the smtp server
    2. "My-Email(at)gmx.de", //Sender email-address
    3. "My-Password", //Sender password for login
    4. "My-Name", //Sender name
    5. "Recipient", //Name of the recipient
    6. "Recipient-Email(at)...com", //Email of the recipient
    7. "Subject", //Subject of the email
    8. "Content", //Content of the email. You can use control characters like \n for a new line
    9. false); //Debug mode. If true the console logs the whole connection (spam?!)

    I highly recommend to call the SMTP.sendEmail() function NOT on the main-thread or bukkit-thread, because sending an email costs up to 10 seconds of time.
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    Icyene Hey Icyene The gist dosent work...
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