[Lib] Collection of Generators for bukkit! Includes Notch Generators!

Discussion in 'Resources' started by AdventurerOK, Feb 19, 2012.

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    I just finished porting 2 notch classes "MapGenBase.java" and "MapGenCaves.java" into bukkit. New file based off the Notch Cave Generator: "MapGenOre", generates ores in large veins found rarely! Like the better ore distribution mod!

    Tutorial (Place this at the end of your "public byte[] generate" method):
    MapGenBase cavesGen = new MapGenCaves();
    cavesGen.generate(world, ChunkX, ChunkZ, result);
    MapGenBase ravineGen = new MapGenRavine();
    ravineGen.generate(world, ChunkX, ChunkZ, result);
    //Always do ore generation last!
    MapGenOre oreGen = new MapGenOre();
    oreGen.generate(world, ChunkX, ChunkZ, result);
    I will explain:
    • "MapGenBase cavesGen = new MapGenCaves();": This creates an instance of the cave generator!
    • "cavesGen.generate(world, ChunkX, ChunkZ, result);" Generates caves, note world, ChunkX and ChunkZ were defined at the start of the method: "public byte[] generate(World world, Random rand, int ChunkX, int ChunkZ) {", result is a byte[32768] that contains your generated terrain so far, as this should be done near the end of your method.
    MapGenBase.generate arguments:
    1. org.bukkit.World world: The world used to generate the caves
    2. int i: The X co-ord of the chunk, like the position in-game divided by 16, just use the 3rd argument of "public byte[] generate"
    3. int j: The Z co-ord of the chunk, use the 4th argument of "public byte[] generate"
    4. byte abyte0[]: The bytes already generated by your method so far.
    More examples:
    Flat world generation:
    return new EnvironmentGenFlat().generate(world, ChunkX, ChunkZ);
    Download: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/35521414/Bukkit Cave Generator.zip
    - world.generation.utilities
    • MapGenBase.java
    • MapGenCaves.java
    • MapGenCavesHell.java
    • MapGenBedrock.java
    • MapGenOre.java
    • MapGenMushrooms.java
    • MapGenRavine.java (This class acts exactly like MapGenCaves but generates ravines instead!)
    • MapGenStructure.java
    • MapGenMineshaft.java
    • EnvironmentGenBase.java
    • EnvironmentGenNormal.java
    • EnvironmentGenHell.java
    • EnvironmentGenEnd.java
    • EnvironmentGenFlat.java
    • WorldGenLiquids.java (BlockPopulator)
    • WorldGenSpikes.java(BlockPopulator)
    • WorldGenEnderDragon.java(BlockPopulator)
    • WorldGenMushrooms.java (BlockPopulator)
    • MineshaftPopulator.java (BlockPopulator)
    - world.generation.utilities.util
    • Utils.java
    • MathHelper.java
    • Vector2.java
    • WeightedRandom.java
    • WeightedRandomChoice.java
    • NoiseGenerator.java
    • NoiseGeneratorOctaves.java
    • NoiseGeneratorPerlin.java
    If you downloaded before 10:56 19/02/2012 (Uk format) please redownload as the class MathHelper was missing

    Status Update: Making some new generators to do awesome things!

    Version 3.0:
    -Added a fully working version of the end generator (includes obsidian pillar and enderdragon populators!)
    -Added new static method to "EnvironmentGenBase" to get BlockPopulators for that environment!
    - More modfiable things!
    Version 2.4:
    -Settings in map generators are no longer static
    -Added a bedrock generator with settings to do the top ad/or bottom of the world with Notch bedrock code
    -Added new setting to cave generator: "caveSize": controls size of caves
    -Fixed Utils.xyzToByte
    Version 2.3:
    -New mushroom populators: "MapGenMushrooms" and "WorldGenMushrooms" (Populator)
    -Ores are now rarer with default settings!
    Version 2.2:
    -Will now run off bukkit api instead of craftbukkit api!
    Version 2.1:
    -Added a new ore generator
    Version 2.0:
    -Many new classes
    -Begin support for default world generation mimics
    -Added test version of abandoned mineshaft generator
    -Test classes that will run as a plugin
    -New packages: world.generation.utilities and more
    -Added nether cave generator "MapGenCavesHell"
    Version 1.1.1:
    -Added missing file "MathHelper" and added a public static int in "MapGenBase" to control lava level.
    Version 1.1:
    - Added MapGenRavines
    A very rare vein of redstone found near the lava layer:

    Naturally formed obsidian where flowing water hit a pool of lava:
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    I've added some screenshots now!
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    Why does the EvnvironmentHell generator produce everything in strips?
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    Nice! Can you please update this?
    There is a bug with the test generator: http://img40.imageshack.us/img40/9314/20120328143954.png
  6. whit only this classes, how long does it take to generate the world
    I want to know this, becuse I want to implement it to the worldgenerator I already have made, but that generator need arounmd the 30 sec for each world already
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    Link is dead, Please update! this looks like the holy grail of block populators!
    Also, keeping a mirror up would also be a good idea - if one dies, it's still available!
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    Wow please send me a link to the notch cave generator at least... I need it for my large floating island plugin (based off the 'end' generator, but in overworld style). I thought I could get the one from Subterranea but it's not using Bukkit's block populator format, it's more like a semi-internal generator.
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    Techy4198 dude, this thread of over 1 and a half year old, the creator was last seen a year ago...
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    So? Does nobody in the world anywhere have any kind of vanilla-style cave generator for bukkit?
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