[Lib] [1.7.10] NPCFactory v1.4 - Create walking npcs with custom names and skins!

Discussion in 'Resources' started by lenis0012, May 26, 2014.

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    so what's the code to get them moving and looking around? or is that in the java docs? ( a little example maybe? ) thanks
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    Check this page: http://mcduty.com/npcfactory-docs/com/lenis0012/bukkit/npc/NPC.html
    to look at a player (keeps looking at himas long as he is in a radius of 30 blocks):
    1. npc.setTarget(player);

    to look a location:
    1. npc.lookAt(player.getLocation());

    to walk to a location:
    default radius = 30
    default speed = 0.2 (max 1.0)
    1. npc.pathfindTo(player.getLocation(), speed, radius);
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    Check the solution for this problem I posted earlier here ;)
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    I already implemted fully working pathfinding with custom speed
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    oh awesome, how did you do it?
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  7. You're like another Bukkit god (the only other one I know is Comphenix).

    Edit: Can you please check out my Pull Request?
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    Skins are connected to UUIDs and Nameplates. You can just force them to display on an EntityPlayer.

    You forgot about me. And chasechocolate. And xTrollxDudex. And bigteddy98. And Cirno. And @TheGuyOnTheStreetCorner

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  9. Funny guy. I haven't really used any of your resources, but bigteddy's good, I just don't recognise him much.

    Anyway, is there a way to make it so the NPC can move? As in, firstly if I spawn it in the air, it doesn't drop, and secondly, I would like it to behave like an animal, moving randomly.
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    Quite a lot of requests at once.
    For moving you can use NPC.pathfindTo
    I will add gravity and i will look at some animal behavior
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    Is there any way to get rig of the NPCs?
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    If you meant get rid.
    try doing npcfactory.despawnAll()
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    I just want to get rid of one though.

    I have this:
    1. public void kill(){
    2. this.getBukkitEntity().remove();
    3. }
  15. You can do that. I would recommend doing it like this though: npc.getBukkitEntity().remove();
    This refers to the actual npc object, and not having another method inside the NPC class.

    Thanks! Yeah I was mainly talking about animal behaviour. :D
    Have fun with the requests xD

    Ohhh dayumn I forgot about him too.

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    A. I don't post a lot of them
    B. I mostly make private plugins.
    C. How about my Complete List of Java Keywords that hasn't been updated in a year or so?

    Oh. desht

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    BungeeTheCookie Anyone who doesn't pretend to be more than he is is a bukkit god to me
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    No one is a Bukkit God because there are always ways to improve. It is just a complement for someone who is really proficient in an extracurricular activity or hobby.
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  19. That's a lie. Comphenix will always be the God of all Bukkit Gods <3

    Edit: Okay stop now, don't go off-topic. xD
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  21. You're implying I'm Christian, which I'm not. :)
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    you forgot about Icyene :p ^.^ anyway i stop now
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    dont' go off-topic please :s
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    I can't for the life of me get the NPCInteractEvent to work >.<
    I am registering the listener, but it never gets called:

    Am I right in thinking that this event should call when a player right clicks the entity?
    I looked through the git and saw that this is being called on the a() method, but honestly, I have no idea what it's for :p

    Worked around it using:
  25. If i create a npc with the same name and skin as me it seems like i also get the "NPC" metadata since we have the same UUID and isNPC() returns true for me. Anyway to prevent that? Not that it's a problem just wondering.

    Nice lib:) Just wanting that gravity boolean:)
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    gravity comming very soon.
    You are right about the metadata.

    Perphaps i should try to work around that
  27. Not to rush you for your awesome work, but any planned date? :p
    This is what I've come up with for now. I don't even know what the h() method is but I see it is called in the EntityPlayer class too soo... Yeah. This is at the bottom of the h() method in NPCEntity.
            if (Math.random() > 0.75) {
                this.move(Utils.RandomUtils.getRandomDouble(0D, 2D), 0D, Utils.RandomUtils.getRandomDouble(0D, 2D));
            } else if (Math.random() > 0.95) {
                this.move(Utils.RandomUtils.getRandomDouble(0D, 2D), 1D, Utils.RandomUtils.getRandomDouble(0D, 2D));
    RandomUtils.getRandomDouble() returns a random double inbetween the two parameters.
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    It will be a bit more advanced than that.

    Working on animal behavior.
    Its kind of funny

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