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    I am looking for a couple modifications to the existing RepairDispenser plugin. I've already asked the author about doing the modification, and she is OK with the concept but doesn't have time to do it. My guess is that she'd integrate the mod into the plugin if it the new code is solid.

    In general terms, the mod entails adding permissions and persistence to the plugin. For more details, check the section below.
    More mod details (open)
    I'd like:
    1. by default, dispensers are NOT Repair Dispensers. The current behavior is that all dispensers are Repair Dispensers.
    2. a /repairdispenser command that will toggle Repair Dispenser status. It should work like this: type /repairdispenser, a chat message appears "Repair Dispenser: hit a dispenser to make a repair dispenser.". Hitting a dispenser will toggle its RD status.
    3. permissions control of the /repairdispenser command
    4. persistence. RD's should be stored in a text file with at least x:y:z:world noted.

    I would like to have a beta version in a week, and a solid version in two weeks. This is not a complicated project, but please do a little research into the level of effort by checking the code.. If you're interested in the project, send me a PM with your contact info and some project references.

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