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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Semirotta, Aug 20, 2013.

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  1. Hey there fella, I know what you're going to say "omg use search" or "go to plugin list and search" or such... Well I HAVE.
    I haven't found WORKING 1.6.2 compatible backpack plugin, closest working I've had is this:

    Only issue is that the backpack (/backpack) sometimes loses its items, if you die while items in it they will be renamed as the following:

    Books also keep losing their texts etc. It completely f*cks up everything enchanted, named or changed items/resources/tools etc.

    I am begging you, is there a WORKING backpack plugin anywhere for 1.6.2? and let me put weight on the word PLUGIN , I do not want to install mods to my server because nobody ever installs any mods anyway... That is all! Just wondering..

    OR you could continue backpacks plugin aka update it to 1.6.2 compatible with no bugs etc since the owner of that has completely abandoned(?) it or just make a new one which would be about the same ?
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  3. Bringing it up :)
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    You know the code is posted in their page, I dont think the owner minds if you want to continue it?...
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    Unfortunately, though a link to the code is posted on the page, the license is listed as all rights reserved. As such, you can not take his code and continue the development.
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  7. Well.. that's a bummer..

    I'll take a look but I am a bit worried that it is 1.4.7 :/
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