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Discussion in 'Resources' started by ketrwu14, Oct 24, 2015.

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    Levitate is an awesome and easy to use Command-Library for Bukkit/Spigot-Plugins.
    It allowes you to register commands with arguments, permissions and description in seconds. There also is no need to register it in the plugin.yml.

    Check out a simple Kill-Command written with Levitate in less than 1 minute:

    • Checks arguments to be vaild
    • Checks permission
    • Registers command directly to Bukkit/Spigot without plugin.yml
    • Supports command aliases
    • Bukkit/Spigot-Version independent
    • HelpMap with detailed Command-List
    • TabComplete
    • Extendable

    Getting started
    Please check our wiki to get started.

    Levitate is available on Github.

    Levitate is licensed under GNU General Public License Version 2.
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    Wow dude so much more efficient than. p.setHealth(0);
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    I think you have misunderstood something
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    @ketrwu14 No i didn't there is not point of using this lib for making commands.
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    For sure there are reasons.
    You don't need to validate user inputs, create TabCompletion, check permissions and it's faster and cleaner.

    A litte example.
    Give-Command with Levitate:
    And without Levitate:

    And the example without Levitate is longer, has no permission check, help information and TabCompletion. For sure, you can implement it, but it would make the class a lot bigger and messy. And of course you can split it in more classes and methods to keep it clean, or just use Levitate which does this by itself.

    But it's up to you.
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    God damn, I am really impressed. Extremely well done
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    Does it support sub command?
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    Yes, of course.
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  10. Love it :)
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    Can I put it in a separate class, other than the main class?
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    Of course! You can put anything in any class. Code is very versatile.
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