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    I had on my server leveling system, I used plugin of Intelli ' MCRanks ' Everyone loved it.
    Everytime you placed block u got 1 block count more.
    Then i made up my own ranks on a big wall with signs: Corporal 250 blocks, Lieutenant 3000blocks and Marshall 50.000+ blocks there was over 10 of those ranks.
    That encouraged every player of our server to be more active and help eachother and we had alots of fun.
    Unfortanately Intelli deleted the plugin, because people werent using it enough [ over 4800 people used it... ] But the plugin cost him real money because he had global rankings server with player rank and server total rank.
    Since this plugin got deleted we all been kinda bored.

    Im suggesting someone do same kind of plugin with Levels from placing blocks [ not destroying ] and it doesnt need any site for Global ranks, just a plugin in server for private use.
    And it could Congrats you for achieving level with text that everyone can see :). Rewards are not needed because i play on Freebuild server hehee. I know that there may be already this kind of a plugin but I havent found it. If someone knows plugin like that, link here please :p.

    And I think this would be good for every server out there.

    - Sorry if too much text xD.
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    Philip Blair

    I like this idea. It would be great for a RP server.
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    Ye it would be good for almost any server =p
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