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    Tell me if this plugin already exists.

    I have a server that has this rank feature.

    How my ranking method currently works:
    Players mine and find lapis lazuli. They come to me at the spawn and trade that lapis in for a Rank up. So I use Yeditor and type in "/yt modify <player> <rank>" and then reload the permissions plugin. Then the person is the desired rank.

    I was wondering if someone knew how to make a plugin that could read how many of the lapis ore got hit by every player individually and when they got to a certain rank, it would auto rank them up, instead of then coming to me every day and getting a manual rank-up.

    This would make my life(server) like 100x easier. It would have to link into permissions and read the ranks.

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    I would like this too, but could just use iconomy for buying a promotion. Like:

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