Leveling System [Related to LVLCRFT/MH]

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    I looked at both

    Level Craft,

    And Monster Hunt

    Personally, there both pretty awesome, and well I was wondering if I could request a plugin.

    Request Plugin:
    Highly related to these two above plugins.

    - First things first, just a simple leveling system, level 1 -> xxx by leveling killing monsters.
    - A Party system where you and a group of people can level together, by going out in the night and hunting monsters.
    - You gain no benefits from doing this, it's out of fun, and something to do (You could get points / ranked like how Monster Hunt plugin)
    - Title perhaps, example, level 10 - Adventurer, 30 - xxx

    In essence it's like a typically MMORPG, you grind for levels, but there is no benefit to this, you do it for level(s), and fun with party members, and rank.

    That's basically it, not sure how hard it is for this type of plugin, but I would greatly apperciate it if someone had the time to do something similar to what I see!


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    Level craft already have slayer level.
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    @ Mate, is it possible to turn off the axe leveling, etc though?
    @ Ursa :)
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    Yes it is possible to turn off axe etc in the MainConfig [​IMG]
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    Thank you kind sir! :)

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