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    Okay, their are several kick ass plugins out there, in relation to this, but I was looking for something more specific and in depth..

    Leveling System

    On your GUI, above your healthbar, or somewhere on your interface you have leveling system from

    1-> x

    So example:
    1->10 [You can get profession X] --- This could be used with Profession Plugin, or McMMO?

    Something along those lines, and each of them having it's own classes, and such.

    Ideas? :X

    Very vague right now, I'll update later.

    Copy and Pasted:
    From http://sitgaming.com/forums/index.php?topic=376.0

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    It's possible to implement leveling and experience for killing mobiles or players. But it's generally not possible to change anything in the GUI using Bukkit, unfortunately.
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    Ah, I see, that be client sided than I persume? I saw a client mod where you put on a pumpkin head to have metroid prime screen.

    Also some ideas...

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    That can be /sort of/ done using a texture pack, or a texture pack in combination with a plug-in.
    I was working on something like this, myself. There are quite a few options available already.
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    I'd love to hear more about that. There are a few options, but limbility,

    Only ones now are MCMMO that I see as a top tier.
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    I've not followed precisely which features each one implements.
    I've seen a couple though:
    • MineQuest
    • mcMMO
    • RPGCraft
    • CobbleCraft
    • DwarfCraft
    • LevelCraft
    There are probably a couple others, too.
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    Hmm Levelcraft is a bit to bias, and unfair.

    Cobble, and RPG are both outdate, and inactive.

    DwarfCraft, and MCMMO I'll look at :D
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    Keep your eyes peeled. The names plug-in developers pick are not always obvious. I'll get around to writing my own, eventually, but I have a few other projects in the works that take precedence right now.
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    I've said it a couple times in MCMMO thread, but now that mcmmo has 70ish pages, i dont expect ppl to sift thru all of them.
    there is a way to implement a class system but it takes a lot of configuration
    Check out Roles plugin by anjocaido (groupmanager is required i believe)
    with it you can give permissions to "roles" which act as sub-groups. this means that they will still keep their main group (like they would normally have in permissions ie: admin,mod,default,guest,w/e)
    so for example; you would give ranger "role"
    say default user in DEFAULT group wanted be a reanger, he would then use /role join (or whatever the command is, im not very familiar with the plugin and this whole post is off the top of my noodle) and he would gain access to those 2 mcmmo skills. you could also add in another permission node from another plugin, say for example... well i dunno, u get the idea.
    anyways, the possibilities are there, its all in HOW YOU CONFIG YOUR PERMISSIONS/GRPMANAGER imho
    sry for the bad grammar and lazy punctuation. im extremely tired atm :p
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    @Mixcoatl I will be waiting, looking for almost 2 months +.

    @diegokilla - Found it here http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/ad...up-selection-plugin-440-531.7816/#post-157545
    Only thing is I don't want users to be able to change, though he added it in hours / time. Also it's not updated, and seems pretty slow, guess everyone's busy these days.

    You can do the same, but with Permissions, just set a group and add users in manually, kind of a hassle, but it could work.

    I just want to see more, like a full out leveling system, leveling from level 1->100+, You know, not just your stats, Like overall you level, IE level 1 Archery / Wood => Level 2 Your Level.

    I'll check it out, thanks.

    Also I'd love to add Sprint, and Stealth for Theives and such,

    Main factor is setting HEALTH!
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    Believe it or not, what you're describing is more or less exactly what I plan to do. I'm just waiting on Bukkit to include permissions and groups, since I don't really want to have to convert that much "stuff" when the change occurs. It occurred to me back when I was running hMod that groups and permissions, together, were sufficient to implement classes and professions. What I will be writing will allow a server administrator to attach roleplay-specific meta-information to groups, and track player progression with respect to the groups in which they have membership.
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    sounds interesting, i was waiting for bukkit to implement permissions as well.... that was a couple months ago now i believe -.-
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    @Mixcoatl @diegokilla

    Yes, I figured I can do that too with Permissions 2.5.6, but it's alot of work, but may be worth it once I figure it out.

    Right now I'm thinking
    HeroSneak (Thieves)
    Sprint (Some classes, and longer duration on Thieves)
    Just need something to affect HP.

    Let me know what you guys think.

    Let me add for intrests sake.


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    Bump, anyone know any good GUI'S?
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