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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by xsvkaa, Dec 26, 2022.

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    Minecraft version: 1.16.4

    Suggested name: LVL-Kills

    What I want:I would like a simple plugin for leveling up for kills. The maximum level is 50, with each lvl there are separate requirements, rewards, messages in the config. For example, lvl 2 is a minimum of 3 kills, the reward is a diamond and the message is that the player has reached level 2. I would also like a %player_level% placeholder for this.

    Ideas for commands: /level (check your lvl, displays how much is left to the next level and which is at the top in terms of level)

    Ideas for permissions: -
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    Here it is, I've added something I hope you'll appreciate:

    /setlevel *playername* Allows those with the levelkills.setlevel permission
    / OP to set a player's level

    /resetlevel *playername* Allows those with the levelkills.resetlevel permission / OP to reset a player's level

    /level usable by everyone to see their own level

    moreover the plugin will automatically create 2 files data.yml and config.yml in the first it will save Kills and level using its UUID in the second you can change the maximum level, the prefix and the chat message

    If you need anything else, I'll do it all on January 1, Happy New Year

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    Thank you very much, the plugin works very well but the %player_level% placeholder is missing.
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    Forgive me, do you want to use it for chat messages? like "Your current level is %player_level%"
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    Yes, but also on my scoreboard
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    Done, let me know if it works or if you need anything else

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    everything works, but could you add a placeholder to how many kills are needed to reach the next level?
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    Done, as placeholder use %player_kills_to_next_level%

    You can no longer set the player level (/set level) beyond the set maximum level of the config.yml

    Set customizable rewards for each level, as an example in the file that will be automatically generated in rewards.yml

    Improved messages

    Once the player is at max level, "Kills for the next level: MAX" will appear instead of kills

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    placeholders didn't working

    only %player_level% working

    I have one more request, would you be able to add that if you are level 1-10 then you have color &a, level 10-25 color &e, 25-40 color &6, 40-45 color &c, 45-50 color &4. or just add config to it, thanks!

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