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would you like to see LU come back?

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    What i want: a plugin with most of the features of the lego universe game. pm or skype me if you are interested in helping
    Suggested Features: bouncers (like on kctf)
    special armor abilities
    minecart personal fortresses
    buildable models (more info below)
    locked areas (you must have certain items to enter)
    auto perms system

    buildable models: the ability to build something like bouncers or forcefields. on a, for example, iron block a sign says something like: first line [build] second line <model> and it will build the model specified on the sign in 5 seconds, if you stop looking at the block, it will restart

    I Know this is a lot to do but i would be very helpful
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    Add bayleyfoster on skype and I might be able to help.
  3. Wonderful game. Too bad this thread will be deleted.

    Anyways..... Before it is.... You may want to learn java! Life long skills and you can create your own plugins. Not that hard with a bit of determination.
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    why would it be deleted?
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    Most of the things on the guide were not needed and you do not have to follow it completely

    I have to go to bed but I will try to get in touch tomorrow. Thank you

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