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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Jaker232, Mar 16, 2012.

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    As I came to final decision is to retire from Minecraft, as well programming Bukkit, seeking in the future new possibilities and I'm already developing some useful programs to help me around in education, I am doing this so and I'll tell you why below. Minecraft since Beta has been becoming more boring and more.. boring as usual. Since Beta/Release, there has been a spike of trolls and griefers deleting more and more structure, as more and more people grow dumber because they forget to use Google. Minecraft isn't what it used to be before. Now with Minecraft's growing capacity, I can not store enough crafting data to know how to make certain items, or burn any items. And onwards to Bukkit: I have seen new developers trying to develop a plugin kind that we all already have 1000's of those, and we all, old developers, get tired because they always have to give them a solution to their problem. I think that there should be a format for Plugin Development so incase we someone not paying attention to what's in the forum, we don't answer their problems, and leave them to look it up on their own. Now, Bukkit is constantly growing in server admins who are really, really stupid who can't even host a Minecraft server, so why bother wasting money on something over the Internet when you have horrible grammar/spelling skills who do not know anything about server administration? What's the point? We all have money to spare for something to buy over the internet, like membership to a certain game, or buying some items from the Mann. Co. Store in Team Fortress 2, like the Mann. Co. Supply Key. I have been considering this decision for a couple of days in a row, and had come to a conclusion where I wrap up all the work I have done, and dump it all in the trash, like a rough draft of a project. I might still come on here to ask my VPS provider to help me with something on Team Fortress 2, but I'll post rarely.
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    I am sorry, but this is just...what??
    I mean, your points are good, the overall quality of the community is terribly low, but the rest...:/
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    Nathan C

    Can I have your VPS?
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    cool story bro
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    I don't know if I should post a trollface or the attention..... image.

    You call yourself a dev all of a sudden because of what? unfinished stuff you announced? the fact you know HTML? really you aren't the slightest better than the people you are dissing Jaker232.

    If I have to give an honest answer to this whole post then it would be: Good riddance.
    People like YOU bring this place down not the people who are willing to learn how to run a server. Sure it would be easier for them to learn the search function but kicking them in the balls like you do now is not a solution but more a part of the problem.

    so bye bye and I hope I don't have to see you again with that attitude.
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    I am really quitting.
    Shut up bro, umad?
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    I miss Minecraft Beta :(
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    Yeah, that's cool.
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    Like your own ass. Right?
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    My question is, Why do we care? Answer: we don't so no reason to have posted this. If your are going to leave you should have left quietly and with whatever self-respect you have, seems you picked the road of crying out "I am leaving and you know you will all miss me". There are always stupid people no matter where you go, if you just ignore them that doesn't do anything but make them keep asking stupid questions.
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    I'm not sure whether you enjoy humiliating yourself or are just trolling all the time...
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    This is why no one likes you. You have the maturity of a 9 year old.
    As said before, good riddance.
    Also, one does not simply "retire" from Minecraft.
    You were never a developer either.
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    I am truly blown away by the wittiness of your comeback.
    I am left with no choice but to assess my ass is pretty cool.
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    That is a nice ass.
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    I miss alpha :(
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    I didn't know about Minecraft when it was in Alpha :'(
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı Retired Staff

    If you want to start a fight, this is the wrong forum for it. Topic closed for having no use anymore but petty argument.
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