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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by minezen1, Sep 4, 2014.

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    Hello, I would like someone that can teach me how to code a plugin :) I already know some basics but I am having problems when I come to make the plugin bigger. If you would like to help me in scripting, please add me on Skype: coalcraftmc
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    There's a tutorial on bukkit wiki.
    Added you on skype!
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    You don't script for Bukkit, unless you're using Skript or whatever that plugin is called.

    Also, follow the Java Trail.
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    You would probably do better by learning Java first :)
    - Minty

    Edit: Didn't notice your comment of knowing the basics, woops! However, this link may still be useful.
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    You will do better by learning Java first. It is the programming language you are using when you code Bukkit plugins. Developing programs (or plugins in this case) will be a lot easier when you know the language you are writing it in.

    EDIT: Having a good structure in your code will make developing large plugins easier. Java is an Object Oriented language so use it to your advantage.
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