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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Pr0Pancakes, Oct 23, 2014.

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    Hello, I've been learning some java and creating basic plugins within eclipse but from what I've learned I learned from watching other people and what they put. i used to watch tutorials from the newboston and think I got to video 30 or something like that, But I could make no reference between coding within "java" and creating a bukkit plugin aside from assigning variables. They seem like completely different "Languages" even though bukkit is built off Java.

    My question is instead of learning java, Where can I go to just learn "Bukkit"
    I just need to know every variable possible and what it does, kinda like this
    example 1: player.kickPlayer hey, this gets our player and kicks him from the server
    example 2: player.kickPlayer("You were kicked") That's how we add a message to our kick :D
    example 3: player.kickPlayer(ChatColor.DARK_PURPLE + "You were kicked!"); This is how we add color to our kick :D!

    I hope you guys get what I mean. :)

    If you reference me to the bukkit API could you please explain in what order to read it so I can learn it efficiently?
    I appreciate any help here and will thank you properly for anything that helps.

    -Best Regards
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    No. Learn Java. Lesson thirty with thenewboston's videos is no where near enough.
    You should probably stay away from youtube tutorials. For the most part, that's how you learn what to do wrong.
    There's no such thing as "Separate Languages"... Bukkit API is written in Java. That's why you need to first learn Java.

    Can you even explain the code that you mentioned above? That is all Java... With the bukkit API.

    If you really want to learn efficiently I suggest you get some good books!

    These two are my favorite:

    *Image function is NOT working for me... *

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    Hey, I appreciate your reply.
    Hey, I appreciate your reply.
    I'll take your advice and head to the library tomorrow to see if they carry those books.
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    Great! If you need any other information don't hesitate to "tahg" me. Pr0Pancakes
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    Note there is a 6th edition that is out for Java for Dummies.
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    Of course im totally with you and would force him to lean java instead of jumping blind into a api. but we should also show him the api, because if he tries to code something from the example for own practice in a bukkit plugin, he'll need it. also i think if he wont learn java he won't be able to understand the api, so we can give it to him, it won't be usefull for him until he learned how java works anyway. here is the link to the api:


    Btw this one is for Bukkit 1.7.10, im not sure if there is a problem with the version because you cant download 1.7.10 anymore, because there is some shit going on with bukkit as you might know
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    Learn Java. Trust me.

    Most people say to not watch Youtube videos - but as long as you don't keep their bad styles of development, or whatever else s wrong with what they're doing you're fine. (Of course this requires you to understand what is going wrong)

    I learnt by -

    Watching a few videos AND asking my friend loads of questions (he was on the verge of killing me)
    Along with this (as odd as it sounds) I watched him develop over Skype (screen sharing) I'd then go off and make a plugin, or he'd set me some challenges.

    Just how I learnt. :)
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    I'll look into getting that.
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    If you know the bad practices and know why they're bad, you have a less likely chance of using those practices. If you learn from mistakes, you won't repeat them.

    es359 The official Java tutorials given by oracle is another good resource.
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    teej107 My point is beginners do not know what bad practices are. And it's much easier to avoid a bad practice by being told what it is before you've ever used it, than to stop using what might have become a habit. There is no reason to learn bad practices.
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    I think what AdamQpzm meant to say was "don't watch youtube videos, you'll just end up getting used to using bad practices"

    EDIT: And he is also a ninja!
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    Well... I think enough people told you to go learn Java, but the question was also about where to learn the Bukkit API.

    The answer is pretty simple : on their wiki. It contains everything you need to know to make a complete plugin : Getting Started, Events API, Scheduler API/"Programming", Config API, Plugin.yml refererence. Check out this page for the full list.

    There is also the Conversation API, which is a bit more advanced. Unfortunately, it is not officially documented, but here are a few good references to learn how to use it : documentation (made by deltahat), and this thread.
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    -in reply to all replies of my post-

    This is true, but I learnt over time to unlearn those bad practices :p
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    Thank you all for the reply's to let you know you haven't wasted your time i've acquired the java book from the library and have been reading them and have also book marked the Bukkit API and every other link that was mentioned above and will be taking a look at all of them.

    Thanks for all the replies and Best Regards/wishes
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    You wasted time getting rid of those bad practices. Learning via youtube holds developers back just as the church held science back.
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    Skionz No need for digs at religion here, such comments might be taken offensively. :)
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    The thing is, we all learn differently. How you learnt and how I learnt are two different things. In the end I got what I wanted, however, me learning those bad practises and then learning to fix said practises has made me a better developer..so yeah.
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    Let them "learn differently" from youtube "tutorials" and ask about ambigious health two times per week, there is nothing to do with 95% rule.
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    How exactly did that make you better than learning correctly in the first place? I don't see the logic there.
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    Well, not in the first place - but by learning they're bad, they made me better.
    Really learning is about making mistakes.
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    the only thing you really should practice first is using if and else I mean the things with curely brackets and semi collons, if you know that and why its needed (or not) you could watch some youtube videos, also its a good idea to learn from start to do null checks or when you using a api you use their methods like hasName() before calling the name for example and what happens when you don't add these and trying understanding how the errors look like.

    of course I agree that not every video is suiteable to learn very good most of them are using static on places where they shouldn't, but atleast it could give a little bit reference where to start even if it would be bad, but once when you get a idea you could google more references at the java docs or look into some github sources or in books to develope better ways of doing things, the only thing I won't recommend is watching these videos to long these could cause you to learn bad habbits and are hard to unlearn again.

    fixed some spellings
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