[LEAKED] Facebook is buying minecraft

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Do you think this will lead to the death of minecraft?

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    Mojang has decided to give up on Minecraft, as facebook offered him 8.4 billion dollars for the copyright.

    So far their plan is to add applications such as farmvill, mafiawars, and angry birds to the game in the form of limited worlds with only 20 blocks of height and 4 different types of blocks.

    Since they're already busy with managing their own site, they won't be allowing any more multiplayer servers and will only host one.


    im sorry guys, its over
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    Yeah, too bad. Facebook really comes in and ruins everything. Minecraft will never be the same.
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    April fools lol
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    This just in:
    Facebook has also purchased Electronic Arts and Alienware. Minecraft now requires a top-of-the-line Alienware computer to run, otherwise it crashes on startup. In addition, Electronic Arts will be working on always-on DRM and game-breaking microtransactions to improve your Minecraft experience!
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    Facebook will probably finish the modding api.
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    I guess I'm in luck huehuehuehuhue
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    The aspect of posting your builds on your MineWall is interesting, though. Would be a widely used feature in creative worlds.
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    Doesn't help that they already bought Oculus(Devs of the Oculus Rift) too.

    Facebook is trying to grow too big and is going to end up killing a lot of things. I guess being on almost every website/device isn't good enough for them.
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    You know what would be a way better headline?
    "[Leaked] Mojang is buying Facebook"
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    I would personally murder Zuckerberg if such event actually occurred.

    Hm, speaking of Minecraft and Facebook, I think they should implement a feature to be able to share screen shots to social networks like Facebook and Twitter, rather than having to print screen, open paint, etc. I also noticed that 4J have done this on the Xbox version, where you press Y and you can share to Facebook.
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    This is not true. is it? lol
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    Snipping tool -> snag.gy -> share link?
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    I suggest looking at the date of the opening post.
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    Dude.... is this even real?
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    OMG, Facebook is getting more and more agressive :cool:
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