League of Legends Minecraft Mod? Yes please...

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by SgtSpike, Oct 21, 2011.

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    A League of Legends mod for Minecraft.

    How epic would that be??

    - Instead of jungling, you mine. You keep the resources/items you harvest/create, even upon death.
    - You start with materials. 3 cobblestone, 2 wood sticks, and a workbench. It is your choice whether you make a stone sword and start fighting immediately, or create a stone pick or pickaxe to start harvesting materials for better items.
    - Zombies = minions.
    - Towers would be made of cobblestone, but with obsidian at the base to protect it. In order to destroy the tower, you'd have to take the "heart" of it out, which would be a glowstone block. The glowstone block is behind the obsidian wall, but if you built some ladders or had some other way to get in from above, you wouldn't have to break through obsidian, only cobblestone.
    - The enemy nexus would be similar - you would have to destroy a glowstone block hidden within several layers of protection.

    It sounds amazing to me...
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    That would be totally awesome, but extermly difficult. I don't even know if it's even possible.
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    Sounds like a complete waste of time to make this.

    - This is plugin request, and plugins cannot create mods.
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    Change this to Wolves and it's doable as a plugin. People will still have to make the maps and such. Awesome idea. Wish I could code it myself. lol :)

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