Lava turning into obsidian

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Extremelyd1, Feb 7, 2014.

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  1. Does anyone knows what event is called when a lava block interacts with water to make obsidian, so the lava block turning into obsidian??

    - Extremelyd1
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  3. mattrick
    Uhmm doesn't work, when I check for the event, and cancel it whenever the old block was lava and new block is obsidian, it still changes....
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    Extremelyd1 Every time you cancel the event, it just keeps happening again. When you cancel the event, you need to remove the water block over the lava so it doesn't continue to try and change the block.
  5. Zach_1919 That's a problem, I want to have the water block there, but just so it doesn't change the lava to obsidian
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    Extremelyd1 Hmm well my explanation was just a guess
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    Just tinkered with a bunch of block events, no results. You could stop water from flowing to adjacent blocks to lava.
  8. Barinade
    But that's not really what I want... the server Overcast Network has a gamemode where you need to leak lava from some kind of core and you can't edit the lava in the core, even if you put water on top of the lava it doesn't turn into obsidian, just trying to recreate the part where the lava does not turn into obsidian
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