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    I was looking for a 'Lava Insurance' plugin throughout Bukkit. I found only one other user who also suggested this about a year ago.
    My idea (slightly different from his) would be that items lost in lava death could be retrievable if you paid your lava insurance to the server.
    For example:

    User buys insurance for one month.
    User dies in lava and loses diamonds.
    Because User had lava insurance, diamonds come back!
    (And everything else User was carrying)

    Obviously this would need to connect with some sort of economy plugin.
    It would be nice to configure which sorts of deaths items could be retrievable from, so that items lost to creepers would not come back, but skeletons would.

    Note: I understand that users could kill themselves, collect insurance, and then pick up their dropped items (Even lava doesn't destroy all your drops 100% of the time). Because of this, the items would obviously not drop, but just be deleted. I see no other way out of this.

    Thanks in advance for any comments and/or help.
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    Prime Approved.
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    Mi Gusta!
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    Me... MEEEEEE.... Mi means My in Spanish ;(
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    Seems like a great idea. If you only had lava insurance, it would be much easier... But with the other causes of death, that might complicate it for potential developers. Keyword: might. I honestly don't know. :3

    But, regardless, cool idea, and good luck with a developer!
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    I fail ;(

    I like the thread,
    But no matter how simple or understandable the thread is...


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  7. Jenthura I'll develop this, I've been looking for another project lately.
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    Wow! Thanks for you prompt responses, everyone.

    Yes! Thanks so much! =D
    Is there any way that I can help? Any way that doesn't involve scripting or coding...
    Actually, I'll leave it all up to you. X)
  9. Jenthura why won't you make it for water to? Say if your afk in water and drown?
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    Because people don't usually afk in water :]
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    That's my diagram of you, Peter Bui. :p
    (It looks bad because all the spaces get messed up -_-
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  12. That's exactly what i do in minecraft, WHY NOTCH AND JEB WHY CAN'T SWIM WITH THE FISHIES!

    This is me when i am Swiming with Fishies
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    I like the whole insurance idea, not just for lava, but a payed backup for all items they were carrying.
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    @ Peter Bui
    Because your items are still retrievable after drowning. In fact, after every sort of death except lava your items are perfectly fine.
    Which makes no sense for dust, paper and lit torches. -__-

    I would prefer items payback than money from the economy system, but I can see how that would be a good idea.
    If you were carrying a iron shovel and a diamond, and the combined worth of those two items are 1100$, then you would get 1100$ back.
    Obviously your inventory would have to be saved every few ticks, or maybe every time you take lava damage.
  15. Sorry to be such the perfectionist, but seeing the replies on this thread, I'm kinda confused at how paying works.

    You can see my sample configuration of the plugin here:
    The plugin's mechanics are like such:

    1. The player sees a list of insurances that he/she can buy from (the prices of the insurances are specified in the config).
    2. The player buys an insurance (lets say he buys the "Lava" insurance).
    3. When the player dies in Lava, the item drops are cancelled to prevent any item dupes, and when the player respawns, he will have the items he had before he died.

    If there are any more features you would like to include, please tell me :)
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    Konkz AeroFreak Peter Bui
    All three of you need to take better judgement in your signatures. They do not aid anyone to actually format their posts better, and only serve to get people worked up.

    The stickies in the Bukkit Help forum, or Plugin Request forum can be linked to as adequate resources for post formatting. Polite requests to search using are also a great way to get your point across. A gigantic eye bleeding banner is not.
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    Best thing is that, mine used to link to the [READ ME FIRST] thread...
    than I noticed I never saved it...

    .. and I could not be bothered to re-do it.
  18. Well mine's that Konkz made links to the SearchBar.
    Aero's is a Anime guy so it doesn't link to anything.
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    Instead of just causing a problem by not being bothered just remove it. :p
  20. Okay fine, Konkz let's make new one's, I'll use paint.(jk)

    TnT changed it

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    Or you could just make something like my achievement thing Achievement Get Format Post or just a link to search bar or stickied threads not a gigantic eye bleeding banner like TnT said
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    It's not my signature?
    It's something that I add a [ IMG ] referance to.

    Why? It was not breaking the rules..?

    EDIT: Literally nothing wrong with it, it was linking to a search bar...

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  23. I don't know how to make it.
    Send me Link?

    In a other thread he said changed it, i have to do what he says ):

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    Ill pm you a link and how to set it up like mine when you click it it sends you to a page
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    Somehow you feel that is better? Its an ugly picture then, and only serves to drive people away.

    I appreciate the help, but we want to encourage people, not discourage people with a rage face banner image.

    Thank you for your co-operation.
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    What was wrong with Peter Bui 's than? It was Mr. T and his catch phrase tweak a bit.
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    Look you shouldn't argue with TnT just do as he says make a less eye bleeding banner
  28. Whoa a big fight in someone's thread "akward"
    Made mines more simple.
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    Well I wasn't sure how to link it, but its damn funny :D

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