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    logo.png Lava Control


    Lava Control is a powerful, instantly familiar application that makes testing plugins a breeze. Finally, developers can use the intuitive interface to easily select what plugins they want to use, configure memory, and choose painlessly between Bukkit/Spigot jars.

    The current version of Lava Control is a bit of an uncharted map at the moment, in the sense that there are probably a few bugs to be sorted out. Just so that it doesn't blow up in your face, you might make some backups of your server. It shouldn't, though, but with these new-fangled self aware machines popping up, who knows!

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    System Requirements
    Java 8 or above. Probably works with most operating systems, but let me know.

    Notice: Apple is dropping support for Java 6 very soon, so I've updated Lava Control to Java 8. Please update your system to Java 8 or higher (it's worth it) to avoid falling behind the curve!

    Some features are still being tested and implemented. You'll see some things that are disabled, and if you pry it apart, some class files that don't seem to do anything (spoiler alert: they don't). Here is a list of what you can expect from it:

    - Choose between any server set up you want, and any Bukkit/Spigot Jar you want.
    - Enable and disable plugins freely with a check list.
    - Use a nice GUI interface as a console rather than being forced to hum the Matrix theme as you type away at your little box you call a "terminal."
    - Find text easily with Lava Control's "Find..." feature.
    - Your settings are saved to a library folder within your home directory. See below.

    Coming soon:

    - SSH connections with external servers. - Run a non-local server via Lava Control! Still working on this, some implementation is there.
    - Build Bench. - Tired of using "BuildTools" to create Spigot jars? Build Bench will make it easy for you.
    - Advanced error detection. - Have Lava Control explain errors to you. Hit a few walls with this one. Sorting it out, but hopefully it will happen.

    Let me know what you'd like to see in Lava Control, and I'll consider it.

    Please note: I've only tested this on my Mac. I'm particularly concerned about Windows computers' performance because some of the scripts this app runs might not function. I'd really appreciate it if you told me that it works, and your set up (OS, Java version, Bukkit/Spigot version, etc.). This app also uses File IO for saving settings (see below), and it renames your jars with *._jar extensions when it disables them.

    Download Lava Control

    All downloads are hosted by GitHub.

    Latest Supported Version: Lava Control 0.3.1-SNAPSHOT for Java 1.7
    Latest Source: Lava-Control-master ZIP

    If you downloaded the source, install by using Maven with the following command:

    cd <folder containing Lava Control's pom.xml file>
    mvn install

    Open it like you'd open any other program, and you're good to go.

    Side note: if you have any trouble opening it like any other program, use the following command:

    java -jar <path to Lava Control's jar file>

    Settings Information
    As mentioned above, settings will be saved to a library directory. This varies depending on your operating system:

    Again, I reiterate, I've only tested this on my Mac. Some information might be wrong. If so, feel free to correct me and I'll change it.

    Mac OSX: /Users/<Your Username>/Library/Lava Control/settings.ccq
    Linux: /home/<Your Username>/Library/Lava Control/settings.ccq
    Windows: C:\Users\<Your Username>\Library\Lava Control\settings.ccq - Note: it might be "C:" or "D:" or something. It depends on your set up.
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    > Updated to v0.1.0.
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    V0.1.0 does NOT work on pc, the Other version does
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    This build is completely broken on Windows.
    Even code to compile is broken due to OSX specific code calls.

    Is there an archived old version that works or a bypass for this?
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    Sorry for my inactivity, my computer has been having issues lately.

    @RomanChicken: I forgot that it was making calls to the Apple framework without catching errors, so I hastily added a catch. See post for v0.2.0.
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    > Updated 0.3.0 - Probably fixed Windows - added more Console GUI goodies.
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    > Updated 0.3.1

    (From GitHub)

    This is a smallish update, but it fixes some angry bugs.
    - Smoother, responsive progress bar
    - Disabled SSH (again)
    - Consoles are now single-instance only to prevent port-bind failures and issues with the progress bar.
    - Progress bar can now update based on queues in the log. This opens up new possibilities for Advanced Error Detection! :)
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    > Updated 0.4.0

    This update includes:

    - Stability.
    - Rewrote preferences/settings system.
    — Organized preferences into “Options” pane.
    — “Options” pane has two tabs, one for General, and one for Console.
    - Because it’s a replacement terminal, you should also have access to a search feature, too. That’s why you can now use the all-new “Find…” system. It’s a bit in-dev, so please let me know if you find any bugs.
    — Find system has “match case” checkbox.
    - Removed some unnecessary files.
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