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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by skadabedop, Jan 18, 2011.

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    I'm currently running Hey0 on my server and have lately been having some mondo errors with the blocks glitching out and stuff (usual problems with the new 1.2_01 stuff.) I was wondering if anyone had a version of bukkit that was working, stable, and would be willing to share it with me. Ideally, I'd like to run bukkit, some form of user permissions to distinguish Admins/Mods/VIP/Builder/Default, some form of griefer control (cuboid worked great for this, so did delrad) and really that's about it until the full version of bukkit gets released. If anyone has a stable, working version of bukkit and would like to share the .jar with me, I'd highly appreciate it.

    Please pm/email ([email protected])/reply here about it.
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    I'm currently running craftbukkit 65 with:
    general 1.5
    myhome 1.5
    bigbrother 1.3.2
    GroupUsers 1.2
    mywarp 1.6
    dynmap 0.06
    MagicCarpet 1.2

    I have tried until craftbukkit 72 i think and always i found malformed chunk's that's corromps my world. I have runned craftbukkit with all this plugins working about 36 hours with a few users all time with no issues by the moment (except that sheeps don't let drop wool when a user hit them.)

    Today 01/08 i'll try news build of craftbukkit and new plugin releases.

    Sorry about my english, i'm spanish xD
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