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    Plugin category: I honestly dont know

    Suggested name: LastKit

    What I want: So Im making a kitpvp plugin like soup and you heal and I am using BattleKits kit plguin and I want a plugin that if you right click on an item (any item and set it) it will do like the nearest command that they used. like example you right click on a compass and you get the last kit you used or like if it detects the /kit [name] in the plugin. I dont want it that if they say "hi" on chat and if you right click an item it says "hi" again like repeating chat sayings or you could just make like a command that executes it cause im using a plugin that you can set item as commands.

    Ideas for commands:
    /lastkit - last kit used
    /lk reload - reload

    Ideas for permissions:
    lastkit.player - allows the player to use /last kit
    lastkit.reload - allows the player to reload the plugin

    When I'd like it by: Tomorrow or TODAY!
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