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    TL;DR: A plugin that creates a large version of the original world, like in Tiny Huge Island from Super Mario 64.

    I already have this working on my server to some degree using Multiverse 2. What's left is teleporting correctly between the worlds and players being able to build their own pipes. I'd also just like to have this standalone plugin that can be easily applied to any server, instead of having to install MV2 at all.

    Minecraft version: 1.16.3

    Suggested name: Tinyhugeverse

    What I want: The plugin creates a second overworld which has the shadow seed of the orginal world, but in Minecraft's LargeBiomes level type. The world map looks exactly the same, but everything is bigger. The idea is the player can travel between the normal world and the large world at ease. All the inventory, ender chests, player respawn location, experience, etc. are shared across the two worlds. Also preferable for the time of day to be synced.

    When teleporting from normal to huge, your current coordinates will be multiplied by 4, and when teleporting from large to normal, your coordinates will be divided by 4. In vanilla Minecraft, the LargeBiomes world type magnifies the original seed and makes it four times larger on both axes, so the idea with the plugin is that you'll teleport to the same location, but everything is bigger.

    What are the means of teleporting? By building pipes! Ingredients: at least four identical terracottas of the player's own choosing, 12 concrete blocks of the same color on top, and water buckets. The water is to be filled inside the pipe until all four corners are source blocks. Then, the water will turn into end portal blocks! Example:
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    When jumping into the pipe portal, it puts a pipe on the other side (similar to how Nether portals are made) of the same color. Like Nether portals, pipes would be connected if they are within a certain distance of each other. Pipes must also have the same color to be connected. That way, you can make several pipes of different colors that lead to different places. Did I explain that eloquently? I hope so.

    What should we do with the Nether? I think it's best for the secondary overworld to have its own Nether. It makes it easier regarding teleporting to the right place and such.

    As for The End, I'd like both overworlds to lead to the same End world. There's no reason to have two. The End uses the seed of the original world.


    All in all, a Minecraft save/server with this plugin should have five worlds in total:
    • world
    • world_huge*
    • world_nether
    • world_huge_nether*
    • world_the_end

    *If the original spawn world was generated in largeBiomes, the second world will be normal-sized, named world_tiny, world_tiny_nether, and so on.

    I think I've laid it out as detailed as possible, but feel free to ask questions in the thread.

    Ideas for commands: Teleport using /switch, but only for operators

    When I'd like it by: whenever it can be done
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