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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Tythus, Jan 2, 2011.

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    I want it so that a land lord can place a sign to his land and then if someone wishes to rent that land he has to pay the amount stated on the sign and he will be able to use it has his land with automatic extensions of rent and if the person fails to meet his/her rent the land is wiped back to its original state so another player may use it.

    This would ideally use real time and be something of an extension to cuboid in some ways.
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    I'm sure something like realms or towny could do something with this. I'm working on supporting this functionality privately.
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    Sounds like a cool idea :)
    Would like to see that but maybe make it so that they land is not wiped until the next player asks for it so then he/she can take the materials the other person used, more of an incentive to pay rent :p
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    I demand you release it :p
    I get the idea and have been toying around with it but I figure most people would of taken anything of value out of it anyway.
    Also te section laws could be useful but I don't like the way cuboid has it where any owner can change there area to heal them etc I want a allowance system
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    Maybe you could also implement a way of checking how long you have left on your rent so that you do not fail to pay it :)
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    I started working on it prior to Bukkit, I will most likely continue when more things are added in (API support)
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    This was posted a long timeago, but I would really like to see this made! It would be pretty good for my server

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