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    First, My english is not good, sorry about that.

    1.The server master gives land for free about 11x11(it's saftey area only for that user, nobody can terrir at that place) to asked new players . So, They start their life in very small place equally and safely(if they want safe place).

    2.And, If they want to expand their safe land, They have to work to make money. The money can be diamonds or obsidiens or irons, golds, anything. And pay it to the server master or npc or using command script. Then, They can expand their land to some direction they want or as much as fixed size and number blocks by server master.

    The advantage of this system is making aim. I think This is very big advantage. Users would be mining to make money.
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    Very interesting suggestion, where I was thinking about using the Realms plugin (whenever it comes out), where you can define zones and subzones in the whole server world, which means if a player owns a zone, he can make smaller zones and allow other people to use those smaller zones for their usage, that way it would be possible of making a city mayor or something with a huge zone, then other players may look for him, ask a place in a specific region. Very interesting thing, however it was never automated, where you could buy the zones for yourself.

    I think that it would be nice to see this plugin as:

    Admins define zones (Rectangular and Square type zones), and place for each zone a sign near the border of the region, where he then defines the amount of money, that a player needs in his inventory to obtain that land for himself - automatically removing the specified money item ingame form his inventory, afterwords the sign changes from FOR SALE to OWNER: and in the second line would be the players name. Then the player gets his rights of doing whatever he wants in that land - even sell the land by looking at the sign of the owned property and typing a slash command, where he defines what material the land is for sale etc:

    The sign could contain the following info about the land for sale:

    LINE 1: Land for Sale
    LINE 2: blank
    LINE 3: Item ID of money and ammount seperated by : and a blank space, then a x and number (ex., 264: x100)
    LINE 4: Any text (informative, ex., Diamond)

    Where the following would mean, that the land can be bought, if you have in your inventory 100 Diamonds, which would automatically removed, if you click on the sign with RMB

    When you bought the land, the sign should update its text, that should look something like this:

    LINE 1: Owner
    LINE 2: demoUser (the users Nickname/Name)
    LINE 3: blank
    LINE 4: blank (could possibaly contain the size of the property like 85x59 blocks or whatever)

    If a player decides to sell the land, the sign would update to something like this:

    LINE 1: Selling
    LINE 2: demoUser (the users Nickname/Name)
    LINE 3: Item ID of money and ammount seperated by : and a blank space, then a x and number (ex., 264: x100)
    LINE 4: Any text (informative, ex., Diamond)

    If the user owns the property and wishes to cancel the selling, he could just right click with the mouse to cancel it, then it would revert to the 2nd state, where it shows, that he is the owner.
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    If only I would know as much Java, as required to make it myself, lets hope someone gets an interest of this request and makes it :)
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    This is a very good idea. I've had similar thoughts before. One thing that would also be nice, if several plots of adjacent land are owned by one user, they don't need all the individual signs. For instance, if a user owns 4 squares of land, each side by side in a row, they need one sign showing ownership, not four.

    I feel like this system would really be a pseudo-automated integration of an economy mod (like iConomy) and an area protection mod like WorldGuard.
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    Well personally I am not very found of iConomy, I rather would like to have a currency, that would be in game as an item or as a number inside an inventory window (when you open it), but that's another story.

    About making it to check the neibhour squares or rectangles, weather they are owned by one person, then merge them would mean that afterward if the owner decides to sell the land, he will have to sell the whole plot.
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    I'm interested in this idea. I'll get onto it as soon as Sortal has Permissions working.
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    Great to hear that, will definitely wait for it till it is finished and try it out!

    EDIT: The shape of the land could be defined by the same tool, that is used by WorldEdit (aka //wand )
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    Bumped another thread. I prefer this one so.. Bumped for even greater justice !
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    This is almost what I am looking for.

    My thought is that a player might craft a sign, and instead of 6 wooden planks, its 6 iron.
    Where that player place the sign it will be protected x,y,z blocks, that only he may modify.
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    Darn, I wanted to work on my own version of this. If you are interested, would you like to work together? Just pm me with a response!
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    Would be nice, if both of you would involved on making it, as long as it comes out and the more eyes into it, the less buggy it would be :)

    Currently this is the plugin, that I need to launch our server online in public, because that could be the best anti grief method known... so until this or something similar will come along gonna wait and test out other plugins ;)
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    Bump for not letting the idea get lost
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    Aeron, me and Darkness are working on this now.
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    We are, it's just that this will be a decent sized project and will take an appropriate amount of time to complete.
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    Nice to know that ;)

    Tell me about it, its gonna be the best thing ever! From my experience the portal plugins and land owning plugins are the very basic ones, that must be in a server, which automatically sets some rules for players where they can build and how they can fast travel and I personally think, that real portals like Wormhole, where you actually see a portal are better than those /warp or other slash involved teleportation methods, that don't require ingame interaction :)

    Hope that you will succeed on this, really counting on this [​IMG]
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    It would be nice if you put some Commands in too, for defining Areas not only with Signs. Also when i really love this Idea!!!
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    Wo0w, Nice, How is the Project doing?

    Really love this in my server.
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    your a dev. DIY?
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    I'm actually working on something like this, a combination of cuboid + being able to buy / sell / trade land.
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    Will you guys be making making this compatible with iConomy?
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    that is the plan
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    I'm not a that good Java Developer and I havn't seen much of the API yet.
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    also, @Riot that was a bit rude. not everyone can do everything, also, why reinvent the wheel?

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