"Lag" when destroying non-block objects in CraftBukkit Build 182

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by MavericK96, Jan 30, 2011.

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  1. So after updating to the latest bukkit build (182), and running with NO plugins, there is a considerable "lag" (i.e. the object will try to break, but remain, kind of like when trying to destroy spawn location blocks) when trying to destroy objects such as wheat crops, sugar cane, or torches. It is possible to destroy them, but it takes anywhere from 2-5 hits before they will actually break. Previous builds of CraftBukkit have worked fine up until now.

    Additional information:

    1. Running Windows 7 Professional x64 with Java 7, version 1.7.0-ea-b122
    2. Build 182 of CraftBukkit
    3. No plugins.
    4. No error, just the afforementioned lag
    5. Have tried eliminating plugins one-by-one, down to nothing, but the lag still occurs, meaning it is likely a craftbukkit issue.
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    Does this happen for all of the people on your server? If so, I recommend downgrading CraftBukkit.
  3. Well, seeing as I'm the only one currently on my server, it's hard to say. :p But it does happen on multiple machines with my same login, so there's that. And downgrading is an option, but I wanted to mainly just point out the problem so that the devs could fix it in future versions.
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    Build 188 is out, can you try that?
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