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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Synee, Dec 1, 2012.

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    I've just ordered a 4gb ram server and i'm having weird problem,
    when people entering my server and they try login (authme)
    it just seems the server doesn't answer, is it because of my host or some plugin causing the lag.
    (im sorry bad english.)
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    Buy the game
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    No support for offline-mode servers.
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    How you can know if Synee's server is offline mode???? What the hell, this is a support about Bukkit, you should help who have problem with bukkit, wihtout see if they have a server in offline or online mode...omg!
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    About 95% of people on here with auth plugins are usually running offline-mode. We don't support them because of how insecure offline servers are.
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    I use Authme in a online mod server! You know how many premium account are stolen every day???

    Using Authme is a 2nd protection that my users ask to me.
    And i think that the aim of a forum is help people, not judge if a server is secure or not. Tue security issues is business of owner, nothing can affect you if you help the owner of an offline server.
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    Yes, but if you choose to run an offline mode server, you will get no support from us, full stop.
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    Strange politic for a forum, however is your forum are "best" because there's people that think different from you. Cheers
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    It's free loaders that piss me off. Buy the damn game to help Mojang with their profits :mad: Forums are at 'best' when people join the Minecraft community, not freely play when it's intend is to be bought.
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    If it is not because onlinemode=false then it is because the plugin might not be properly configured. Another problem could be that you do not have the plugins that the login plugin itself requires.

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