know when a dropped item "dies"

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by 4thegame3, Oct 31, 2014.

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    any ideas?

    EDIT: i need to remove an item from the config when it went dropped and despawns ,went burned by lava, killed by cactus or whatever you want
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    not working if the item went killed by a cactus.
    and the entity damage event or entitydamagebyblock also are not working


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    Define not working ?? and define what item is.
    What "item" is killed by a cactus ??
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    Relicum any item, what do you mean?
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    I mean I have no idea what your trying to achieve. I only LivingEntities die so if you dropped a carrot the carrot doesn't die.
    Combined with

    Makes it impossible for me to even understand what your trying to achieve. Please try and explain better, your find your get more feedback.
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    An item entity "dies" it comes in contact with a cactus (just like a cactus can kill a player), the entity is removed from the world. Same applies to lava and explosions.
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    For something to die it has to be living hence why it doesn't show up on death events. Plus the itemdespawn event is not triggered on all itemdespanspawns events otherwise it would be firing on every tick.

    Rather than preach, you clearly know the answer to the OP why not provide it if you actually know what he wants.
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    Just because I (probably) know what the OP wants, doesn't mean that I know the answer to his question.

    Edit: And to prevent further argument, no I do not know the answer to his question.
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