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    Plugin category: Mechanics

    Suggested name: KitZones

    What I want: Hello, I am aware of many plugin which give you a kit or inventory when you click a sign or run a command. However, what I would like in this plugin is for the kit to be assigned to the player when they enter a designated area.
    I will be using this plugin on my hub so when in the main sector of the spawn they should be kitted with the hub items. Then, when they move into the PVP area they are given a kit with armour and swords (this is taken off them when they leave). Another feature I request is for the kits to be assigned to certain slots and the option to not let them be dropped/moved. The items should also have the option to have custom lores, enchantments and names. When selecting zones you should be able to select the whole world a zone with smaller zones inside it overriding it with their own kits.

    Ideas for commands:
    /setkit [name] - sets a kit from your inventory
    /delkit [name]
    /setkitzone [kit] [zone] - sets a kit to a zone selected with an item such like a world edit wand
    /delkitzone [zone]
    /editkit [kit] drop [deny/allow]
    /editkit [kit] move [deny/allow]

    Ideas for permissions: kitzone.create.allow
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