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    Plugin category: PVP

    Suggested name: KitzPvP

    Make a kit plugin, like a mc-pvp.


    There is already a plugin like this, but the creator stopped updating.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

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    Are you still looking for someone to make this plugin?

    And if there are no plugins that meet your requirements please explain what you want in more detail.
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    I wanted someone to create a plugin KitzPvP

    /pvp - Give iron set/Diamond Sword and the rest of the inventory of mushroom soup
    /archer - Give Leather set/wooden sword/bow with infinity/1 arrow and the rest of the inventory of mushroom soup
    Config to make a translate.
    Config to edit and create news kits

    Nobody? :/

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    Dude. No one is going to create you a plugin when there are already 2 plugins out there that are very well writen. There also are other plugins that arn't designed to do KitPvP, but are still easily possible such as VariableTriggers

    Use BattleKits
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    Hmmm ok :/
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    If you really need help with this, just ask me and I can help you.

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