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    A kit plugin that is called ironman and has speed and strength 3 and can be used as /kit i and /kit ironman and another one is called regen with regen 2 and can be used as /kit r and /kit regen
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    Please follow the Plugin Request Guide so we can get as much information as possible! As well as describing a bit more what this is about, -different kits, with what items? Would everyone get it? Permissions? What happens when they die?
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    I'm sorry I'm really new to this I was just wondering if anyone knew about this, everyone could get the kit and use it, they both last for 3 minutes and you can reuse it anytime with no waiting, this is on LOLPVP and go on the kits server to see more about it if that helps
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    I might be able to do this. Sorry if this is necroposting. What version would you like it to be?

    Also, what items would the player get?
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