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    Name: Kits

    What I would like: When I player does /kit ***** they get a kit
    This is what you do. You everything in your inventory that you want on your kit and do /kit create {Name} {Desc} (This saves the the items and where they are. And I want it so when you get the kit, the armor comes on you, not in your inventory!) And then you can /kitinfo {Name} it says the description, then the armor and items it has. You can do /kit edit to edit the kit description or items in the kit.

    Commands: /kit create {Name} , /kit delete {Name} /kitinfo {name} /kit info {Name} /kit edit {desc, items} /kit {name}

    Permissions: kit.create (OP) kit.delete(OP) kit.get (Default) (Default)

    When I would like this by: By new years
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