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    I need a plugin developed called "Kit PVP" what it does is when you type /KPSetSpawn it sets the spawn location where players start when they join and die. It also makes it so you can't drop items and you don't drop items on death. It also runs a command every time you die and when you first join that can be set in the config. /KPSpawn lets you go to spawn and /KP lists all the commands. All abilities in this plugin should have permissions. You can edit all the commands and add more options choose permissions. All I want is a plugin that does what I'm generally asking. It should as light weight as you possibly can.

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    Why do you need a plugin were you can make one also
    Essentials,essentials spawn does what you wan't
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    BattleKits - 95KB
    NoDrop - 4KB
    EssentialsSpawn - 14KB
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    For BattleKits I can't get it to give you the kit when you first join without using a seperate plugin to run a command on join.
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    You can create the kits with essentials at the essentials config then give players the permissions for that kit :D
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    Battle kits has more options and a better configaration.
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    lol768 Retired Staff

    I've been working on BattleKits for a while now and I've encountered this issue a few times. People want functionality that is completely outside the scope of the plugin, in all honesty. I see no issues with combining plugins together to achieve the functionality you want. For example, BattleKits allows you to do stuff like restrictions where you can disable block placing. Kit signs could also be handled with something like ServerSigns which would not only allow for greater customisation but also make BattleKits more lightweight. Soup filling etc is exactly the same. In my opinion, none of this is really necessary but I do listen to users for the most part and many have requested this functionality so it stays.
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    Do you know any seperate plugins that can run a command on join? For now I have to use FirstJoinPlus and disable all the features besides running a command, which I do not like.

    EDIT: I also think there should be a no death drop option if there isn't already one in BattleKits.
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    Then add to the join message in essentials telling them the command for a kit

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